Long Spoon of Criminal Met With Long Arm of the Law

A drug addict was fined and handed a community order after admitting that he tried to steal a “large quantity of cash” from behind a post office security screen by “reaching through the letter port with a metal spoon.”

CCTV footage from February 10, released by Nottinghamshire Police, shows 36-year-old Jelanie Scott sliding the spoon under the screen.

Scott is quickly spotted by post office staff, who trigger the panic alarm, causing the room to fill with smoke. Scott, on crutches, is seen hoping away. Police said he left in a taxi, but not before dropping a debit card with his name on it. He was arrested nine days later.

“There was overwhelming evidence in this case,” Sgt Mark Southgate said, adding that Scott, who told officers he was suffering with his mental health and had taken drugs before the incident, had admitted that it was a stupid thing to do.

Scott fined £50, and told to pay a £114 victim surcharge, and £85 court costs. He was to be entered into a six-month drug rehabilitation programme. Credit: Nottinghamshire Police via Storyful

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