Longview man pleads guilty to murder, stabbing of housemates, sentenced 50 years

LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – A Longview man that was accused of killing one of his housemates during a dispute over loud noises and stabbing another pleaded guilty to murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on Monday.

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According to court records, Michael Ralston, 51 of Longview, pleaded guilty to murder on Monday and was sentenced to 30 years of confinement.

Records also show that Ralston pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on Monday and was sentenced to 20 years of confinement concurrently

Michael Ralston, courtesy of Gregg County Judicial Records
Michael Ralston, courtesy of Gregg County Judicial Records

In March of 2022, Ralston and his housemate Eric Wynns, 44, were having a dispute over loud noises. The two were reported as “intentionally being loud to annoy each other.” Another housemate told police that both Ralston and Wynns were hearing impaired and that they called Ralston the “Deaf Dragon.”

Police responded to a report of a shooting at the residence, at which they discovered Wynns body alongside his cell phone that was actively recording. Authorities revealed that the video captured on the phone showed Ralston shooting towards Wynns as he recorded.

Police also found evidence that revealed that Ralston began shooting at Wynns inside of his bedroom and had followed him.

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“There does not appear to be any evidence to suggest that there was any threat towards Ralston at the time he discharged his handgun at Wynns,” the arrest affidavit for Ralston said.

Another one of their housemates, was found with multiple puncture wounds left by a knife that Ralston had used to stab him.

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