Loose Women in chaos after Call the Midwife's Miriam Margolyes swears live on air

Miriam Loose Women
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The 83-year-old was on Loose Women to promote her new memoir, 'Oh Miriam', and had the panel in stitches with her frank responses.

When asked why she decided to write a book at this stage of her career, she quipped: "Because they paid me". This led to further probing from host Kaye Adams, which resulted in a comment from Miriam that earned an immediate beep and left the panel laughing.

Trying to recover, the actress asked: "Am I allowed to say that, oh dear? " She then added: "I wouldn't eat faeces," according to the Express.

Kaye, playing along, thanked her guest stating: "Thank you we do love the preferred name," as laughter continued to ripple through the studio.

Despite the laughter, the conversation continued with Nadia Sawalha attempting to ask a new question but getting tongue-tied herself.

Miriam later opened up about the process behind her book, spilling the details on how some of her frank stories were a little too hot for print, admitting to the cuts made by lawyers.

"It had to be excised by the legal people", she conceded, "I said things about people I didn't like that could be libelous, and don't want to get into a lawsuit."

Fans of Loose Women erupted in laughter over Miriam Margolyes' frank commentary, with social media reactions including one viewer's tweet: "#loosewomen Love Miriam Margolyes @loosewomen @ITV" followed by an array of laughing emojis.

Another avid viewer expressed their amusement slightly differently, tweeting: "Potty mouth #loosewomen", while yet another was plain in their praise, jotting down: "I like her! ".

Adding to the wave of support, one fan echoed the actress's blunt perspective regarding not doing anything unpleasant for money, remarking: "Miriam Margolyes wouldn't "eat s***" for money @loosewomen #bleeped." (sic)

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.