'Loose Women' star Kelle Bryan explains why she doesn't buy Christmas presents for her children

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Kelle Bryan on 'Loose Women' (ITV)
Kelle Bryan on 'Loose Women' (ITV)

Loose Women star Kéllé Bryan has opened up about why she doesn’t buy her children Christmas presents.

Speaking on the ITV show, the 44-year-old - who plays Martine Deveraux in Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks when she’s not featuring on the panel - explained that her son and daughter receive many gifts from extended family members each year. So much so, in fact, that they probably wouldn’t notice if she didn’t give them a present.

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“They’ve got three sets of grandparents, they've got relatives and family and friends, so I don't buy them presents,” she told co-presenters Andrea McLean and Jane Moore, along with special guest Sharon Osbourne.

'Loose Women' (ITV)
'Loose Women' (ITV)

“They’re sat there on Christmas morning with 25 presents to open – are they really going to realise that one of them isn't from mummy?” she laughed, before going on to argue that she buys them “everything they need” throughout the year, so they don’t really end up wanting anything.

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Bryan praised her in-laws for buying practical pressies for her children, Regan and Kayori, too because then she and husband Jay Gudgeon “don’t have to waste a load of money.” She also said she enjoys the fact that the house doesn’t get cluttered with toys that the youngsters will be bored of, and likely get rid of, after a few weeks.

"I make them give one of their presents to charity,” she concluded.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12:30pm on ITV.

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