Loose Women star 'not happy' as she recalls 'terrible' encounter with nasty troll

Loose Women's Linda Robson has candidly shared an encounter with a troll during a lunch outing with her colleague.

The 66-year-old returned to the panel on Tuesday's (July 9) episode, joining Christine Lampard, Coleen Nolan, and Gloria Hunniford on ITV's midday programme. The conversation began with a discussion on whether it's right to confront bad behaviour.

During the debate, Linda recounted: "A quite of things have happened over the years when people have been quite rude. I can remember once I was out having lunch with Pauline Quirke."

She continued, revealing the harsh words she faced: "We had a big fry-up breakfast in front of us and this women comes marching over to us and goes 'You shouldn't be eating that or you'll end up looking like her'. It was terrible. I won't tell you what I said because I'll lose my job if I tell you but I wasn't happy."

This revelation follows a moment of confusion for viewers during Monday's (July 8) show, where Linda made an enigmatic remark regarding her marriage. After confirming her split from Mark Dunford last year and dismissing the idea of new romance as she planned to downsize to a two-bedroom house close to her children, Linda unexpectedly mentioned her "husband" and a 33-year marriage live on air, puzzling the audience.

The panellists were discussing the topic: "Does marriage work better for men than women? " at that time. Linda noted: "I think once the kids leave home it's all different then, because that's the glue that keeps you all together.

"I think once the kids are gone and they've got their own lives and they don't need you anymore. I think then it all changes.

"So yeah, I've been married 33 years and I'm getting old now. I just want to enjoy the last few years that I've got left, so I went on holiday on my own but my son and his partner were out there as well.

Linda Robson
Linda Robson

"So it was just really nice. But I'll go away on my own anyway and I'm very sociable but my husband's not that sociable, so I've always done things on my own anyway." With confusion arising among viewers, they took to social media platform Twitter.

Linda mentioning being married for 33 years and referring to Mark as her husband post-separation puzzled some. One Twitter user expressed: "I thought Linda's marriage was over? #LooseWomen". Interaction with this tweet followed.

Linda confessed about her separation from Mark, the father to her children Louis, 32, and Bobbie, 28, at the beginning of the year. She revealed the news to OK! magazine at the time.

It is believed there was nothing dramatic concerning the split; they merely drifted a part stating: "People do, sometimes, don't they? We never had that much in common. I'm very sociable. Mark never enjoyed that side of things."

"I've been sad about it, of course I have," she confessed. "But we had two lovely children together. But they're all grown up, living their own lives now. Now, it's me and Dolly the dog. [But] I'm in a really good place. Work's good."