Loose Women's Coleen Nolan 'booed' by ITV studio audience as co-star cut off

Audible boos sounded out at the end of Wednesday's Loose Women, as Coleen Nolan 'cut off' one of her co-stars in the closing seconds of the show, before offering an apology.

One of the Loose Women team for 20 years now, apart from her year long hiatus after her emotional exit in 2011, Coleen recently returned to the panel after taking time off to tour the UK with Naked, her one woman show, which saw her supported by son Shane Jr. And, rather than just being a panellist, over the last few weeks, Coleen has also been 'promoted' to the position of host, with her at in the hot seat again on Wednesday, to join colleagues Judi Love, Janet Street-Porter and Sophie Morgan.

As well as chatting to guests and stars of new ITV series Drama Queens, Brooke Vincent and Laura Norton , Coleen also led conversations on being in control of your emotions,, the popularity of silent discos and using motivational quotes as mantras for daily life. Janet threatened to turn the air blue with hers, revealing that she'd been 'censored' by Loose Women bosses and made to change one of the words, before turning things round and Coleen and asking if she used any.

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Coleen admitted she had 'a few' before revealing her favourite was 'Only regret the things you didn't try' as she added: "And sometimes because I have a fear of everything really, I'm a bit of a coward when it comes to taking things on that scare me; I look at that and think I don't want to get to an age where I didn't try."

Unimpressed by Coleen's remarks, Janet retorted: "It's a load of psycho-babble! It's like the one 'happiness is a a choice'. What's the alternative? 'I really want to be miserable, as miserable as possible?'" Coleen shot back: "I think that's the one you read every day!" before then asking Sophie for her thoughts.

But, when Judi got ready to speak, Coleen interrupted and told her: "We haven't got time for your favourite, tell me after!" with groans and books started to sound out in the studio as Coleen tried to preview what was coming up on Thursday's show and then apologised to Judi.