How ‘Loot’ Landed ‘Dreamboat’ Benjamin Bratt for Episode 4 Romance

Note: The following story contains spoilers from “Loot” Season 2, Episode 4.

The cast and crew of “Loot” were just as enamored with Benjamin Bratt in real life as billionaire Molly Kovak was during his guest appearance on the Apple TV+ comedy series.

Episode 4 — appropriately titled “Mr. Congeniality,” in reference to his role on the Sandra Bullock comedy “Miss Congeniality — followed as Molly went on an intense wellness retreat as the latest facet of her personal journey. Though she didn’t mix with the instructors and other guests, things took a turn after she was paired up with Bratt (playing a fictionalized version of himself) for an exercise after he arrived late. The duo shared a hilariously intimate moment during the exercise, eventually hooking up and getting in trouble for canoodling.

“As good looking as he is on screen, he’s even more good looking in real life. His comedy instincts in that episode were dead on, we did not have to give him a note,” cocreator Matt Hubbard told TheWrap in a recent interview. “I don’t think I’ve laughed harder watching a scene than that meditation scene when she’s touching his chest.”

Benjamin Bratt and Maya Rudolph in “Loot.” (Apple TV+)

Fellow cocreator Alan Yang explained that the idea to cast Bratt on the show first came from executive producer Natasha Lyonne, who stars alongside the actor on the Peacock whodunnit “Poker Face.” As the show explored Molly’s loneliness and desire to have sex during her season-long journey to finding herself, Yang said it made sense for her to encounter real-life famous people in her adventures.

“He’s a dreamboat in and out, and he was so into doing it, that’s what made it so fun,” Rudolph said of acting alongside Bratt. “There’s nothing better than a guest coming in that is happy to be there. He was totally in on the joke from the beginning, and that is what made it so funny.”

“He’s maybe one of the nicest human beings on the planet. What a sweetheart!” she added in a recent interview, while her costar Joel Kim Booster noted: “And that doesn’t happen a lot with people who look like that.”

“Loot” airs new episodes Wednesdays on Apple TV+.

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