Loot’s Maya Rudolph, Creators Talk Ana Gasteyer Reunion and Grace’s ‘Most Epic Meltdown Ever’ — Watch

Pass the Courvoisie (and maybe some cough syrup?) because Loot just served up one boozy SNL reunion with special guest star Ana Gasteyer.

Gasteyer plays Grace in Episode 8, a fellow billionaire Molly used to hang with pre-divorce. Looking to expand Space for Everyone nationwide, Molly and her crew are on the hunt for more funding from other donors who are as “generous, relatable and hot-but-they-don’t-know-it” as Molly. Grace is now divorced herself, but has since gone dark from the public eye. But when Molly and Sofia drop in on her, she’s in the midst of a downward spiral and throwing a “brunch” that’s more like an absolute rager. Grace agrees to fork over a cool “11 billy,” but Molly knows she has to help her friend navigate the uncertain and scary waters of divorce first.

“[It was] so nice. So much fun,” Maya Rudolph tells TVLine about her reunion with Gasteyer. “I think everyone was titillated to have her. She infused so much joy. It’s nice to have an old friend who you have a second hand with because you don’t have to start from the beginning ever. And I felt like that just poured all over the set in the nicest way. People were really happy.”

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Since their time together on Saturday Night Live (they crossed paths on the sketch comedy series between 2000-2002), the actresses formerly reunited in 2019 for Amy Poehler’s feature directorial debut Wine Country. That same year, Rudolph also sang on Gasteyer’s Christmas album Sugar & Booze in the duet called “Secret Santa.” So when it came time to cast the eccentric, high-energy role of Grace, co-creator and executive producer Matt Hubbard says Gasteyer was always their No. 1 choice.

Loot Episode 8 Grace
Loot Episode 8 Grace

“We always wanted to do this storyline of another billionaire who Molly befriends and can just show, in some ways, the path that Molly does ultimately not take,” he says in the video above. “We wanted someone who could really go toe-to-toe with Maya. When you meet Grace in Episode 8, she’s in the middle of the most epic meltdown ever and we wanted an actress who could pull that off, but also feel the emotion that’s underlying that. Ana was the immediate choice for that.”

The sloshed Grace relocates the party to her “PJ” (that’s “private jet” for us normies) and Molly agrees to accompany her to Iceland, quickly getting wrapped up in all of her friend’s insane party vibes. (They chant “F–k water!” repeatedly, natch.) But Molly does help Grace through another bump in the road when her fling with DJ Panda Head throws her for a loop. When Molly gets back to L.A., Sofia says Grace came through with the money, and since Grace jumped on board, so did three other billionaires who all promise to help them expand the Space for Everyone initiative. Mission (almost) accomplished?

Watch our interview with Rudolph and Hubbard embedded above, then hit the comments and tell us what you thought about Gasteyer’s first Loot appearance.

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