Lord Cameron doubles down on Hitler warning to Donald Trump supporters in US Congress over Ukraine aid

A transatlantic war of words escalated on Thursday as Lord Cameron warned Donald Trump supporters in the US Congress against repeating the mistakes of Nazi appeasers in the 1930s.

Tensions in the “Special Relationship” built even as fears emerged of a new-anti satellite nuclear threat from Russia that could potentially cripple US and allied communications in space.

Britain and other allies have been informed of highly sensitive US intelligence about new Russian technology that would breach a global treaty ban on using nuclear weapons in space, US media reports said.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Far-right Trump supporter in the US House of Representatives, told Lord Cameron to “kiss my ass” after the Foreign Secretary urged US legislators in a website article to clear billions in military aid to Ukraine.

But the former PM doubled down on his plea during a news conference in Warsaw on Thursday morning as he reflected on Poland’s unhappy history under Soviet domination after World War II.

Not only Russia but China and Iran were looking on to see if the West would stand by its promises, Lord Cameron said alongside Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski before he heads on to the Munich Security Conference in Germany this weekend.

“I see this as the challenge of our generation,” he said. “Two foreign ministers standing here today - it's like two foreign ministers standing here in the 1930s where we faced a similar challenge from a similar aggressive dictator who was trying to change Europe’s boundaries by force, who was ignoring the sovereignty and inviolability of other country's borders.

“That's what we face today with Putin and the challenge is, do we have the political will to match it?”

Former No10 chief of staff Lord Barwell, ridiculing Taylor Greene after she berated Lord Cameron, commented: “Turns out appeasers don't appreciate being called appeasers.”

The $95 billion package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan passed the Senate this week. But pro-Trump hardliners in the House of Representatives are taking their cue from the former president, who has made clear that he does not want to allow any political victories for Joe Biden ahead of their likely election rematch in November.

Alicia Kearns, the Conservative chairwoman of the Commons foreign affairs committee, said Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson was “prioritising his own position over protecting America’s allies and pursuing a policy of deterrence against autocrats who seek to harm the USA”.