Lorraine Kelly is recovering from surgery while she hosts show

The presenter underwent an operation on her shoulder

Lorraine Kelly recently underwent shoulder surgery. (ITV)
Lorraine Kelly recently underwent shoulder surgery. (ITV)

Lorraine Kelly revealed she was still recovering from surgery as she hosted her show and showed off her sling.

The 63-year-old underwent an operation on her shoulder shortly before Christmas with the episode on 3 January signalling her return to the show.

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Talking to Dr Hilary Jones, Kelly said: "I had a wee operation on my shoulder, it’s been annoying me for ages."

Kelly then proceeded to show a photo of herself recovering in a sling before thanking the medical team that worked on her: "Thank you to Professor Levy and his brilliant team because, oh my goodness, keyhole surgery is incredible."

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She further detailed her procedure and recovery over the Christmas period: "I just had to remove some calcification and a little bit of bone and, yeah, I’m doing my physio and I’m all fine.

"But we had a really quiet one at Christmas and New Year. Rosie and Steve looked after me and Rosie obviously takes after me in the cooking department, not."

Lorraine Kelly had keyhole surgery just before Christmas. (ITV)
Lorraine Kelly had keyhole surgery just before Christmas. (ITV)

Despite saying she was looking after herself, Kelly did confess to enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two over Christmas: "Yes, you said it was alright to have one or two. I was actually very, very well behaved and I’m fine and I’m doing lots of different exercises, I’m getting there."

Kelly wasn't the only ITV star battling with health issues over Christmas as Good Morning Britain's Richard Madeley revealed he was sick all over the holidays.

Lorraine Kelly on WW2 - Britain’s Greatest Obsessions (Sky History)
Lorraine Kelly is still hosting her show despite the surgery. (Sky History)

Madeley told Good Morning Britain viewers: "I had that [superbug] all Christmas for a month. Never had anything like it before. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a new strain of Covid going around."

He added: "I took a test every week, it was always negative, but I can’t help thinking that’s what I had."

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