Lorraine Kelly's daughter Rosie reveals gender of her baby and shares due date

Lorraine Kelly's daughter Rosie Smith announces pregnancy
Lorraine Kelly's daughter Rosie Smith announces pregnancy -Credit:Instagram

Lorraine Kelly has excitedly announced that her daughter, Rosie, is expecting a baby girl.

The mum-to-be discovered she was expecting on New Year's Eve, noting that it was "right after buying loads of alcohol and a cold meat platter, which I then couldn't touch".

The impending arrival of the baby in September will be the most heartwarming addition to the family since the birth of Rosie. Rosie, who recently moved in with her partner Steve in Islington, North London, revealed they've always wanted to start their family early so their parents could have maximum involvement.

It appears Lorraine's pooch Ruby is also set to transition into a new role as the "big sister". An adorably delighted Lorraine shared: "This is the most exciting thing to happen to our family, well, since Rosie was born. Last night, I felt the baby kick for the first time, which was extraordinary. It made it feel real."

A clue about the baby's name hinted at some Scottish inspiration, which would be a big nod to Rosie's roots, reports the Daily Record.

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In a candid chat with HELLO!, magazine, Lorraine Kelly shared the delightful news of her daughter Rosie's pregnancy, revealing her initial cluelessness: "I thought she was looking a wee bit peaky, but I had no idea it was that, so it was the best possible surprise. Of course, I cried when I found out and Rosie's dad Steve is thrilled to bits too."

Lorraine has long harboured hopes of becoming a grandparent but was adamant about not pressuring Rosie. With the birth of her grandchild on the horizon, Lorraine is over the moon, proudly accepting the title of 'Granny': "I'm very happy with being called Granny. I know some people don't like that, but I think it's a badge of honour."

The revelation of her real name, which aligns with the famous apple variety due to her married surname Smith, has amused fans and Lorraine herself: "I'm actually going to be Granny Smith! ".

In an interview with Bella Magazine, Lorraine vowed to maintain a respectful distance as a grandmother, aiming not to "interfere too much" or be "too much of a nuisance".

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However, she also highlighted the strong bond she shares with Rosie, confident that their close relationship means they can easily communicate if things ever feel too much.

She shared: "I've just said to Rosie, 'I'm here for you, anything you need.' She's good though, we've got that kind of relationship that if I was annoying her, she would just say 'Enough, go home'."

Lorraine further added that her daughter is "going to be the best mum" and declared: "She's much more grown-up than I am."