Lottery player wins £900,000 jackpot after cashier made typo on ticket

A lottery player has landed an eye-watering £900,000 jackpot – after a cashier made a typo on her ticket. A woman in China lucked out when a typo from a cashier meant she won a lotto jackpot when she decided to stick with the numbers despite the mistake.

Remarkably, she ended up winning £900,000 after buying a Welfare Lottery ticket in Dalian, China which was run by a woman surnamed Shi. "The customer intended to pick the red number 05, but due to my error, it was entered as 06," Shi said.

"This mistake turned out to be the winning combination." Had the correct number been chosen, the prize would have been only £32 (3,000 yuan), reports also say, ina massive stroke of luck which has gone viral across the globe.

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The winning ticket matched five numbers in a single-bet selection. Shi explained it was a fortunate mistake that led to the big win. The player, who wished to remain anonymous, decided to keep the ticket despite the discrepancy.

Had the correct number been chosen, the prize would have been only 3,000 yuan. Shi's outlet, established in 2005, has seen a number of smaller wins, including eight second-place prizes. To celebrate the recent jackpot, Shi put up an archway at the entrance, attracting lottery enthusiasts hoping to share the luck.

In 1980s, in order to solve the contradictions between the urgent need to develop social welfare programs and insufficient funding, the Ministry of Civil Affairs drew on the valuable lessons from other countries and conducted a thorough research and a feasibility study to assess the viability of raising funds for social welfare programs through selling lottery.

In 1987, authorized by the State Council, Social Welfare Lottery Fundraising Commission was established in Beijing. On July 27 of the same year, social welfare lottery ticket with the par value of 1 Yuan was issued for the first time.