Lottery winners win twice in year but 'never paid penny for ticket'

Lottery winners have won the lottery TWICE in less than a year but never paid a penny for their ticket. The winnings are going towards a holiday to Australia so the couple can visit their grandkids, they have also revealed in a new interview.

Retirees Val and Jeff Hollingsworth, from Putnoe, northern Bedford, managed to win a lottery twice in just a matter of months. They initially won £665.53 on Pick My Postcode and have now just won another £1,094.29.

Their winnings are being put towards a holiday fund with a trip planned to visit their grandchildren in Perth, Australia. Speaking about winning the lottery for a second time, Val told the Bedford Independent : “We couldn’t believe it. Less than a year after the first win as well.

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“Jeff got me to double-check it in case he was wrong.” When asked what they would say to those losing hope of a win, they said: “Believe. It could be you next.” Jeff, 75, joined the site eight years ago and never missed checking the draws daily, even when they were on holiday. His wife Val, 62 joined the site a few years after.

The Main Draw, which is usually £200, had not been claimed in three days meaning the winnings had rolled over to £600. When their postcode came up on the main draw, they both claimed which split the £600 winnings. With Jeff’s bonus of £438.11 and Val’s £56.18, that brought their total combined winnings to £1094.29.

Pick My Postcode explains: "We're similar to a lottery, but our draws are free-to-play and always will be, so we're not gambling. Instead of coming from ticket sales, the prize money is generated by ad revenue on the site, which is itself generated by the traffic caused by users checking the draw to see if they've won. It works like a free newspaper, or free-to-air TV channel like ITV."

"Winning postcodes are selected at random by a computer from a list of registered postcodes. If it’s not in the system, it won’t get picked," it added.