Louis Smith Criticised After ‘Sexualising’ A 16-Year-Old Gymnast

Louis Smith has been accused of ‘sexualising a teenager’ after posting a provocative picture of a 16-year-old gymnast to his Instagram page.

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The Olympian posted the picture of Carly Patterson in just a leotard zoomed into her bottom with the caption: “My sport has its moments.”

The tweet has since been deleted.

Fans on Twitter were quick to share their outrage with one saying: “Some casual sexualisation from Louis Smith. Girl was 16 at the time of the photo”

However, Louis was apparently far from apologetic, allegedly tweeting that he would only retract what he said if the young gymnast herself said she was offended.

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“The day I apologise will be when Carly Patterson says she’s offended,” he wrote in a tweet which was also later deleted, adding:

“If you don’t like my vulgar, disgraceful, morally bigoted, racial, sexist, feministic, facetious behaviour then just unfollow me or even block me.” (sic)

Louis later became embroiled in a row with a fan, saying that he didn’t realize how young the athlete was when he posted the picture.

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Louis later joked about the controversy on Twitter, writing: “Jeez @CarlyPatterson what a day!! What a day!! Same time next week!?”

Carly Patterson, who is now 28, attempted to calm fans down, replying that she wasn’t offended: “Sorry @louissmith1989! Its totally ok guys, we’re friends”

Louis is yet to comment formally on the story.