Louis 'The Sous’ Theroux Helps With Kitchen Duties At Top Celebrity Haunt Pied A Terre

Louis Theroux might be known and loved for his thought-provoking (and sometimes emotional) documentaries about controversial topics, but this week, he decided to try his hand at something a little different.

Namely being a Sous chef at London’s Michelin-starred celebrity restaurant, Pied a Terre.


The BBC film-maker had won a special night to dine and help out at the fancy Fitzrovia eatery for the night during a charity auction.

During his visit, Louis headed to the kitchen to help David Moore and Head Chef Andy McFadden with the very important job of feeding the spot’s special (and hungry) guests.

Colin Firth, Brad Pitt, Tony Blair and Kanye West are all regulars, so it’s a big task!


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Reviewing how the special guest got on in the kitchen, owner David said: “It was a joy to have Louis with us and in the kitchens. He is one of our favourites and was very funny to be around. He kept everyone in stitches in the kitchen.

“He was a fun addition to the team but as for being a Sous chef, I think he’d better stick to being a film-maker!”