Louis Tomlinson admits he and Liam Payne used to steal golf carts

Louis Tomlinson has once again confirmed that he is just as cheeky and mischievous as we always thought, admitting that he and Liam Payne used to try and steal golf carts from tour venues when performing in One Direction.

Tsk tsk, boys, tsk tsk.

Louis and Liam got up to all sorts of mischeif.
Louis and Liam got up to all sorts of mischeif.

As part of the super-successful group, Louis and Liam were subjected to long stints on the road as they toured the world a million times over, and now Lou has revealed that he felt like a “gangster” when angry security guards would try to chase them.

Speaking about his fave touring moments, Louis told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show: “I went through a long time, especially toward the last three or four years in the band where I only really stayed on the tour bus. So I wouldn’t really do the hotel that often.

“Sometimes Liam would stay with us, and it would get to like one in the morning, we’d finished on stage and we’d finished the whole atmosphere and we were coming down a little bit.

Louis appeared on The Tonight Show with his collaborator, Steve Aoki.
Louis appeared on The Tonight Show with his collaborator, Steve Aoki.

“We were like ‘OK, lets go and do something mischievous.’

“So we would always go and hopefully try and find a golf caddy with some keys in, steal it, take chase from security, and feel like gangsters driving golf caddies.”

Cor, talk about boys gone wild, eh?

Unfortunately for the boys, their management soon put a stop to their naughty antics by giving each arena a heads up.

He continued: “Eventually they cottoned on to it and they started making little notes to each arena on the tour saying ‘Watch out, these boys are going to steal your golf caddy.'”

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Louis with his 1D bandmates.

Still, Louis, Liam and their bandmates, Harry Styles and Niall Horan, came up with a solution and eventually bought their own go-karts to whizz around in.

The 25-year-old star concluded with: “So we then bought our own little go-karts and a little moped. I think we upset a few people during that trip but it was all harmless fun in reality.

“It was all harmless fun.”

And when you hear about some of the stuff other A-listers get up to on tour, Louis’ is certainly right in thinking that things could most definitely have been worse.