Louis Walsh on Colin Farrell's audition for Boyzone

Pop music legend and talent show mainstay Louis Walsh talks Kate through Colin Farrell's doomed audition to be a member of Boyzone, and how he took the rejection.

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Video transcript

KATE THORNTON: When you had to phone Colin Farrell and say no because you thought he was a crap singer.

LOUIS WALSH: Oh, yeah. And Colin said to me, oh man, it's fine, I'm going to be a actor. I'm going to be-- I said, acting? I said, Colin, you're wasting your time. I said, it's too hard. And we still laugh about that today.

Colin is a brilliant guy. He's everything I liked about Ireland. He's funny. He's brilliant. He's good at his job, but he doesn't take it serious.

KATE THORNTON: What had he auditioned for? Was it Westlife?

LOUIS WALSH: Boyzone. Boyzone.


And he had a bandana. And I met him in [? The ?] [? Pod. ?] He had the whole look going on and all the girls liked him.

And he sang a song for me, but he wasn't great. He was OK. But I went with Ronan and Stephen in the end.


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