Louisiana Governor Welcomes NCAA Women's Basketball Champions to Governor's Mansion

Louisiana Gov John Bel Edwards welcomed the NCAA Women’s Basketball Champions to the Governor’s Mansion in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Tuesday, April 25.

The LSU Tigers visited Edwards’s residence for dinner and cookies to celebrate their NCAA Championship victory, the governor said.

This footage from the governor’s office shows various scenes from the special visit. Credit: Gov. John Bel Edwards via Storyful

Video transcript

- I want to welcome you to the governor's mansion. Of all the years we've been here, we have a lot of functions. We have a lot of different guests over and opportunities to do some special things. But tonight is right up there at the top. We're excited to have y'all here. You know, y'all don't need me to tell you how well you did. Nobody did better in the whole country. But I can tell you what it meant to the state. The state just was electrified by y'alls performance and everything that you were able to accomplish.

- We invited y'all before the Tennessee game.

- Thank--

- To come and eat with us. And this was the first time we could make it work. Tonight is perfect because now we're celebrating the first ever basketball national championship.