Love Is Blind’s Jimmy addresses current relationship status with Chelsea

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Love Is Blind’s Jimmy talks relationship statusNetflix

Love Is Blind season 6 spoilers follow.

Love Is Blind's Jimmy Presnell has (kind of) explained his current relationship status with Chelsea Blackwell.

It has been hard to keep up with Jimmy and Chelsea after all the on- (and off-) camera drama leading to break-ups, make-ups and more break-ups. But, in lieu of a definitive confirmation of their relationship status, Jimmy told Entertainment Weekly that the pair "are still really close" today.

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"I mean, a lot of the reason why I chose her in the first place is because I felt I had a best friend in her," he said. "After the show, she wasn't the biggest Jimmy fan for a while, after our break-up and after our second break-up."

Jimmy revealed he and Chelsea "rekindled" a few months ago before season six was released, claiming "it was more of, 'I don't want to go into this reunion cold turkey. If you don't want to be my friend, I totally respect it'."

The pair agreed to meet up for an hour-long lunch date but Jimmy revealed it lasted five hours, as they caught up and were reminded of "why we were so close".

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"And it sucks that we went that far without being friends, but we've both been dealing with a lot recently. I'm very thankful that she's in my life and we have a good relationship because I'm leaning on her as much as she's leaning on me at this point," added Jimmy.

The couple faced multiple challenges throughout their relationship, including Chelsea's uncertainty about Jimmy's feelings and the alleged social media request.

However, it seems the pair have put all that behind them in order to move forward as friends or possibly more.

All six seasons of Love Is Blind are available to stream now.

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