Love Is Blind: Are Tiffany and Brett still together?

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Love Is Blind: Are Tiffany and Brett together?Netflix

Netflix’s Love Is Blind is back for season four and as expected, we simply can’t get enough!

So far, the first eight episodes of the latest season have dropped on the streaming platform and one of the strongest couples has got to be Tiffany and Brett, with many fans and fellow contestants rooting for them.

From the very beginning the pair were only interested in one another, with sparks flying through their pod wall.

The only real issue that they have encountered was when Tiffany fell asleep mid-conversation – at the exact same time that Brett chose to confess his love for her!

It’s hard to forget Brett relaying the conversation back to the rest of the Love Is Blind men, when he said, “our conversation was, 'I think I’m falling in love with you.' And then I’m telling her how I feel and then it’s quiet and then, 'Hello?'"

Tiffany apologised the following day by telling him that his voice was “so soothing” that she ended up dozing off, before nervously asking, “did I just mess everything up?"

And thankfully it appears that she didn’t, as Brett goes on to propose and the pair finally meet face to face.

But are Tiffany and Brett still together in real life? Here’s what we know so far…

Are Tiffany and Brett from Love Is Blind still together?

Now, we won’t know anything for sure until the last few episodes air but we did catch a glimpse of them at the altar in a couple of teaser clips.

Should we be worried that Tiffany seems to be crying at the altar and Brett is cursing that, “this should be a day of no surprises. This should not happen.”?

Well, as far as we can tell from their social media, surely it's a good sign that both Tiffany and Brett follow one another on Instagram.

Both seem to be sharing positive teases as the episodes drop each Friday, with Tiffany saying, “Find out what has me all smiles in the latest drop of episodes on @loveisblindnetflix!” on her latest post.

If there's one couple that makes it, we hope it's them!

Catch up with Love Is Blind season 4 on Netflix.

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