‘For the Love of DILF’s winners Nigel & Rico open up about their romance after the show (EXCLUSIVE)

Nigel and Rico
Nigel and Rico

After another exciting, hilarious, moving, and. of course, steamy season, the guests of DILF Mansion finally cast their votes and chose the couple from their midst they found the most compatible. Season two of OUTtv's For the Love of DILFs came down to two couples: Derrick and Anthony, who rode hard for one another all season, despite ups-downs and some very dramatic Himbo-related drama; and Rico and Nigel, who had instant chemistry from the very first episode (and even won PRIDE’s special challenge) that made them tough to beat, despite their roller coaster moments.

As it turns out, they were impossible to beat. The bear and cub managed to edge out all the other couples to be named the winners, in a truly dramatic finale that also saw plenty of drama between many of the returning Himbos and Daddies. The question though is, after the cameras went down and the doors of DILF Mansion closed, would that fiery passion stay lit? Did Nigel and Rico have the kind of connection that could survive the real world? Or would this bear romance go into, well, permanent hibernation?

PRIDE sat down with Nigel and Rico for an exclusive chat about that dramatic finale, what happened when filming stopped, and what the future holds for them.

Rico and Nigel
Rico and Nigel

Courtesy of OUTtv

PRIDE: It’s so exciting to see the two of you sitting together again. I’m getting flashbacks. Well, okay, obviously congratulations are in order! But first I want to talk about a big moment from the finale episode. Nigel, you told Nico you love him. That’s a pretty big bomb, what made you decide to go there?

NIGEL: That was something I felt early on. I was already so unapologetic about it leading up to that moment. We were at the end and I was feeling it. Stormy said look him in the eye and act like nobody’s there. So that’s exactly what I did. I’m that guy, I wear my heart on my forehead. If I’m feeling it. I’m gonna say it. You could be hit by a bus tomorrow. If you love someone, tell them now. Why wait?

I totally get it. How about you Rico? What were you thinking and feeling when Nigel said he loves you?

RICO: It was a lot of mixed emotions. Like, ‘love? oh my god!’ Honestly, I felt flattered. It’s kind of the first time I’ve really gotten someone who I felt like, actually loved me. My own parents really didn’t love me hearing that word... It was what I needed from my bear.

I guess the question is, have you said it back?

RICO: That word is very strong for me. It’s so much more than just a word, it comes with actions and emotions and lifestyle, who you choose to choose every day that you wake up. I’m getting there, I just don’t want to play around.

Well, clearly your castmates saw the love between you, even if the vote did go back and forth a bit. Was it validating for them to choose you two as the winners?

RICO: All this hard work that we put in and everything that we’ve shown, other people saw it, too. We were so exhausted so it seemed like all of our hard work, all that love that we put into it was [seen].

Nigel Rico in a helicopter
Nigel Rico in a helicopter

Courtesy of OUTtv

Your cast voted for you to win, which means other people didn’t win. Now that all the dust has settled, have they come together to be happy for you? Or have there been any hard feelings?

RICO: I kinda want to plead the fifth on this one. But I think overall, the majority of us have all really come together. We’re really great friends. We talk on at least a weekly basis. And I don’t think there’s really any hard feeling. Maybe there’s personal beef between other people but me personally — I guess I’ll be messy… I can’t with Matt.

NIGEL: Also, their concern for our compatibility, it was nice to have on the show. But I think since we’ve left one of the things that we’ve cherished is a little bit more privacy. They don’t need to know everything because we’re no longer across the hall from them. We love them and we all keep up with each other… but we’re okay!

I love it! So let’s go back to the night of the finale. Tell me about what happened after the show wrapped and the cameras went down.

[Both look at one another and laugh.]

I like that giggle!

NIGEL: Oh my god, that’s the night that changed everything for us. So, we all went out as a cast to celebrate the finale of the show in Fort Lauderdale. I think it was really difficult — definitely, for me, for him and I to go out and be among the world. You have your problems and issues in the mansion but real world problems are real as shit. It was like a slap in the face almost. We realized they weren’t in the mansion as soon as we got to the streets, it was hard. It was a little bumpy that night, because we were coming off of such a high, coming off of so many emotions and we were launched out into the wild. It was tough. It was an experience. Lots of fun, though, lots of cast moments, and bonding and friendship.

So, I guess I have to ask the million dollar question: Are you guys still together?

RICO: Yes, we are still together. We’re just in an open relationship since we’re a little bit farther apart. I guess you can say we’re progressive in the sense that we both know we’re males. We both know that sex is sex.

NIGEL: Not that! [Laughs]

RICO: He’s attractive and I’m attractive so we both understand those needs. But overall as far as future compatibility, we’re definitely figuring it out. trying to move forward with it.

Do you still see a future together?

NIGEL: Yes, I feel like he’s never gonna be able to not see a future.

RICO: He can’t get rid of me and I can’t get rid of him. So, yes, definitely.