Love Island 2023 airs new exit twist

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Love Island 2023 airs shocking new exit twistITV

Love Island spoilers follow.

Tonight's (March 1) episode of Love Island saw a brutal dumping twist following last night's public vote.

Earlier on, the Islanders were invited to the annual Beach Club party. However, in true Love Island tradition, there was huge news to follow, with Maya Jama making a surprise visit to deliver the announcement in person.

"Sorry to crash the party. Could you all line up in your couples, please?" she said, revealing that the public has been voting for the most compatible couple.

The four vulnerable couples were Olivia and Maxwell, Claudia and Keanan, Rosie and Casey and Tanya and Shaq.

Olivia and Maxwell received the fewest votes and were immediately dumped from the villa.

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However, the dumping didn't end there. Maya then announced that two more Islanders would also leave tonight — and the final decision would be up to Olivia and Maxwell.

The harsh twist followed a rocky 24 hours in the villa, following last night's revelation that Jessie had been branded 'fake' by her fellow contestants.

Picking up straight from where last night's drama left off, tonight's episode opened with Will determined to get to the bottom of who had originally made the accusation.

Pulling Maxwell aside for a chat, he questioned him on the rumours, saying: "I’m livid, I’m not going to lie. I’ve just been pulled and told that you said Jessie was fake."

Meanwhile, Samie and Claudia were quick to fill Jessie in on the situation, leading to Jessie questioning Liv's motivations for not speaking to her directly.

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The drama continued when Casey found himself in a love triangle with bombshells Keanan and Rosie.

Following Casey and Rosie's kiss the previous night, Keanan spoke one-on-one with Claudia about the situation. Claudia was still upset over Casey's decision to pick Rosie over her and ripped into her former partner about his actions.

"I feel like I've been very disrespected," she said.

"I found out that you've both kissed last night, and I'm hearing it from Keanan, who then has been disrespected as well because he's told Rosie he liked her and you've gone and kissed her anyway.

"You don’t care about my feelings."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2 and is available via catch-up on ITVX and BritBox.

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