Love Island brings back classic baby task

Love Island spoilers follow.

As the villa recovered from the exit of Rosie and Casey, the final week of Love Island got into full swing tonight (March 8) with the return of the infamous baby task.

"That's not the sound you wanna wake up to," Ron said, as the Islanders' hopes for a peaceful morning were quickly squashed by the sound of five toy babies screaming.

"Guys, there's f**king babies," Shaq added.

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Resigned to their new status as parents, the Islanders set about naming their plastic offspring, coming up with names like Adibella, Shanya and Tamie. Will & Jessie and Kai & Sanam went for more conventional choices, choosing Rufus (after a sheep) and Bruno (after the footballer), respectively.

However, the excitement of the baby task soon wore off as the Islanders realised they were in for a pretty intense day. Some couples coped better than others.

"What I've realised is that you're useless," Ron joked to Lana, who was unable to deal with the baby crying.

Meanwhile, Shaq and Tanya found themselves hitting yet another rough patch after an ill-timed joke about their baby's paternity.

"That's not funny," Shaq fumed, while Tanya giggled at her comment.

Later, the dads had the joy of bonding over their fake children in the park. The trip out saw the boys share their thoughts on becoming fathers in the future, with Kai admitting that he could see himself having children with Sanam. Ron added that he needed to see if Lana could be "wifey material" before he could make her his girlfriend.

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Ultimately, there could only be one winner of the baby task, and Tom and Samie were crowned best parents.

Reflecting on the day, Lana acknowledged that she wasn't ready for motherhood yet, unlike Ron. However, his repeated comments about being a single dad finally got to Lana, who was left disguising her tears with a yawn.

Elsewhere, Shaq and Tanya were able to finally clear the air over their previous dispute. "I'm glad you were honest about how you felt," Tanya said. "I just felt like, honestly, it was a poor choice of words."

"I wasn't trying to make it a big deal," he replied, with the pair agreeing that the day showed signs of growth for their relationship.

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2, and is available via catch up on ITVX and BritBox.

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