Love Island: Claudia Fogarty and Casey O'Gorman clash during Movie Night

Claudia Fogarty didn't like what she saw on Movie Night credit:Bang Showbiz
Claudia Fogarty didn't like what she saw on Movie Night credit:Bang Showbiz

'Love Island's Movie Night saw Claudia Fogarty row with Casey O’Gorman when she discovered he had invited Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo to share his bed.

The pair had been coupled up for a few days before the 28-year-old beauty was sent to the Casa Amor villa, and on Wednesday's (22.02.23) installment of the show, she was shocked to discover the details of what happened when she was away.

Claudia was shown a clip of Cynthia climbing on top of Casey on the terrace before he invited her into his bed, prompting the livid boutique owner to shout: "You said you never asked her to sleep in your bed."

But defiant Casey insisted he had "nothing to be sorry about".

He said: "We literally both went into Casa pretty much single, we’ve dealt with everything.

"I’ve got nothing to be sorry about."

Claudia fumed: "Don’t make me look like a d******d."

Jessie Wynter and Tanya Manhenga then waded into the row.

Jessie said: "Casey stop defending yourself and say f*****g sorry."

But when Tanya also chipped in, Casey rolled his eyes and said: "Oh, Tanya, don’t you start."

She replied: "Everyone has an opinion and you can say what they want."

Elsewhere, movie night also saw Tanya clash with Shaq Muhammad after they had to rewatch her in-bed smooch with Martin Aknola, who she had chosen to recouple with.

Shaq shouted: "Why am I not hearing about this before? So you think his soup is delicious?"

Tanya hit back: "I said exactly what happened!"

Shaq then quipped: "I knew you was looking nervous for a reason."

But the biomedical science student insisted: "I'm not nervous hunny, I told you exactly what I said.

"You were looking for something to be angry about. But I'm not nervous, I'm absolutely fine hunny."

Shaq pressed Tanya as to why she had become so "defensive" over the kiss and insisted she was "in the wrong".

He added: "That's not what you said, what I saw and what you said is different.

"Did everyone not hear her say it as well?"

Tanya then shouted: "Am I not allowed to defend myself? What the f*** else do you want me to tell you?"

Much to the dismay of many viewers, not all of Movie Night was shown in the episode, with fans having to tune in on Thursday (23.02.23) to catch the rest of the action.