Love Island confirms new bombshells after Movie Night drama

tanya, samie and sanam, love island 2023
Love Island confirms bombshells after Movie NightITV

Love Island spoilers follow.

The drama on Love Island intensified tonight, with the remainder of Movie Night taking place before the tease of two new bombshells, Rosie and Keanan, who are set to enter the villa.

Rosie says she has her eye on a few of the guys in the villa: "Casey, he’s got the personality and looks that I always go for. I’m unsure if he’s got the height but I can let that slide because he’s got everything else," she said.

"I also like Tom, he’s very good looking and tall. I feel like there is more to him, so I’m looking forward to seeing that. Kai is also very attractive, so I want to get to know him."

Professional rugby player Keanan isn't afraid of ruffling some feathers, saying: "It seems like everyone is stepping on each other's toes so I’m going to do the same! I’ve got my eye on Samie but Tom is obviously a big handsome lad – but in my opinion he doesn’t really get past the looks.

"I’m going in there to find a girl – that's my number one prioirty."

Last night (February 22) saw several of the couples in hot water, with Tanya and Shaq in particular getting into a big argument, but tensions escalated as the remainder of the 'films' were shown.

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Tonight began with ‘Ronnie Darko’, in which Olivia and Claudia took major issue with Ron’s behaviour. The former labelled him a “fake friend”, but Ron was nervous at the prospect of driving a wedge between himself and Lana.

This film was followed by ‘Liv Actually’, with her clip seeming to rile more of the other girls than the guys. Samie and Claudia (who was awkwardly sitting next to Olivia) both had thunderous looks on their faces, but Samie’s mood would soon get worse.

Upon the airing of ‘Air Force Tom’, Samie exclaimed “Are you joking? Are you having me on?” as she couldn’t believe her eyes at what happened between Tom and Lydia in Casa Amor. She sat down with Tom later on to clear the air, but their future looked increasingly uncertain.

Tom later shared a tender moment with Shaq, who was left reeling from Tanya’s clip. She took issue with one segment from his ‘Shaq to the Future’ film, but he was adamant that it paled in comparison to her actions at Casa Amor.

tanya, samie and sanam, love island 2023

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The next morning, they met for a clear-the-air chat, with Shaq asking if she still loved him. She seemed uncertain as to what to say, leaving their relationship up in the air.

It was also tense for Will and Jessie after his ‘Free Will-Y’ film, with Jessie feeling he downplayed his actions ihn Casa Amor. Upon meeting on the terrace, Will proclaimed that “the ball was in [Jessie’s] court”, and she was left unsure if she could move past it.

Casey and Claudia also had a bit of lingering tension over the events of Casa Amor, but seemed to make amends quickly, joining Kai and Sanam as the couples in smoother waters.

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2, and is available via catch up on ITVX and BritBox.

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