'Love Island' contestants shocked by massive new twist in first-look pics - but why is one of them exempt?

Laura Whitmore at the Love Island villa
Love Island is back - but Laura Whitmore has a twist to reveal. (ITV)

Love Island is set to make its return for the summer with a massive new twist - and first look pictures show the contestants looking suitably shocked.

In the first episode which records a day in advance but is due to be shown on Monday, host Laura Whitmore arrives at the Mallorcan villa to tell the girls that pairing off into couples will be very different this year.

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The girls and boys usually line up by the pool as they take turns in deciding who they want to be matched with, but this time the singles have the choice taken out of their hands as fans of the show have been voting for who they want to see together.

First look pictures from the opening episode show the girls left open mouthed at the news that they will have no say on who they'll couple up with first.

Paige and Amber are shocked to hear the Love Island twist. (ITV)
Paige and Amber are shocked to hear the Love Island twist. (ITV)

Of course, viewers have known about the twist for a while as they were called on to cast their votes over who should be with who.

Whitmore says: “Well girls, it’s time to couple up. There is something I haven’t told you yet - things are a little different this year.

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“You thought you’d all be stepping forward for the boys you fancy the most. However, this is Love Island and you never know what to expect. For the first time ever, we asked the public to play Cupid and pick the boy they thought you should couple up with.”

Laura Whitmore breaks the news to the girls. (ITV)
Laura Whitmore breaks the news to the girls. (ITV)

The show's first deaf contestant Tasha Ghouri says: “I trust the public, I trust them.”

But there is another twist to come, which hadn't been fully explained to fans yet.

Davide Sanclimenti was one of the original line-up to be announced as going into the villa first, but hadn't been available to vote for in the couple polls.

Tonight, viewers will discover that he will actually be brought in as an early bombshell - contestants used to try to tempt others away from their partner.

Davide is the first bombshell to hit the villa. (ITV)
Davide is the first bombshell to hit the villa. (ITV)

He will arrive at the villa just as the couples are getting to know each other, ruffling a few feathers as the girls take in his toned physique and the boys start to worry.

Luca Bish says: “Davide! I was thinking I’m the good-looking Italian here and then you’ve sent that geezer through the door.”

Later, Sanclimenti receives a text which reads: “Davide, in 24 hours you will couple up with a girl of your choice, leaving one boy single and vulnerable #italiansnack #ciaobella”

Love Island begins tonight, Monday 6 June at 9pm on ITV2.

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