Love Island fans confused by Tanya after spotting weird editing

Eagle-eyed Love Island viewers appear to have spotted a strange editing blunder on the show.

In an episode aired earlier this week (February 21), Tanya Manhenga was seen walking into the dressing room in her black dress after the evening's events, though when the cameras cut to the next scene, she was suddenly in a denim jumpsuit.

Fans have questioned whether there had been an editing blunder, one writing: "Can someone explain why at the end of the night debrief Tanya was wearing a full denim jumpsuit?? Was this clip from a different night???"

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"Wait why was Tanya wearing that denim jumpsuit?? Did the producers mess up?" another asked.

"Am I bugging or last night when they were preparing for bed, Tanya was wearing that denim jumpsuit," a third questioned, while another said: "Erm editing issue? Why was Tanya just in a denim jumpsuit when she’s been wearing a dress all night?"

The apparent blunder comes after Tanya declared her love for Shaq earlier this week, which came after she secretly kissed him before telling Martin that the spark between them had gone.

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She then confessed her love for Shaq in front of the whole villa, saying: "I’m so sorry it took someone else coming in for me to fully realise that I can’t lose you."

However, Martin was left feeling embarrassed, and told Olivia and Maxwell: "I look like an idiot in front of everyone." Martin later accused Tanya of being a "liar" to her face, though she told him she didn't have a chance to tell him about her kiss.

In last night's (February 22) Movie Night, things got more tense when the kiss was aired as part of Casa Amor footage.

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2, and is available via catch up on ITVX and BritBox.

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