Should Love Island couple Georgia and Sam be removed for kissing hours after dumping each other?

Emma Powell
Rule breaking: Sam and Georgia share a kiss: ITV

Pack your bags Georgia, it’s time to go.

After failing to be loyal to her mates and Sam, she’s now failed at being loyal to Love Island producers by continuing to kiss her ex-partner despite opting to dump him in a bid to hang on in the villa.

The 20-year-old “honest babe” cuddled up to Sam on last night’s show as he moved out of their bed to sleep on the sofa.

Narrator Iain Stirling joked: "Sam and Georgia are breaking Love Island rule 35 subsection 4b paragraph 2. Former couples are not permitted to canoodle on soft furnishings."

Getting cosy: Georgia and Sam cuddle on the sofa (ITV)

The pair were then seen kissing in the bathroom in a preview for the upcoming episode. Sam told the aspiring actress he is “struggling big time” before she pulled him in for a kiss.

“No, you’re not meant to do that,” he said.

Split: Sam and Georgia decided to stay on in the villa (ITV)

Fans were fuming and called for the pair to be removed from the villa, claiming they are breaking the rules.

“Nah Sam and Georgia need to be kicked out for breaking the rules,” tweeted one. “What the hell? #LoveIsland.”

Another posted: “Georgia and Sam need Caroline to go into the villa and give them a warning or something. If they wanted to be together, they should have left. If they continue, they should just be booted from the show.”

Georgia was slammed by Dani earlier this week for choosing to stay on in the villa at the cost of uncoupling with Sam. Dani told her she should have walked and worked on their relationship outside of the show.

The argument sparked a "fix" row after Jack suddenly branded her a “little s***” as Georgia stormed off.

It was unclear what had sparked Jack’s outburst, with many viewers claiming an insult had been edited out. Others were convinced Georgia threw a drink over Dani.

A spokesperson for ITV denied allegations of heavy editing, telling Standard Online: “There is nothing more to it than a disagreement between Dani and Georgia, and what was shown was a fair and accurate representation of what happened.”

Love Island is on ITV2, tonight at 9pm