'Love Island' 2021 line-up: Meet the contestants

Love Island kicks off this summer (ITV)
Love Island kicks off this summer (ITV)

Love Island has revealed the cast of the upcoming 2021 series.

The new crop of Islanders was announced on Monday although viewers can expect more bombshells to arrive throughout the series to stir things up.

Fans can now get a look at who's in the line-up and get to know a bit about the contestants ahead of next week's launch on Monday 28 June at 9pm on ITV2.

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These are the individuals we can expect to be coupling up, pulling each other for a 'chat' and - in a worse case scenario - getting mugged off.

Sharon Gaffka

Sharon Gaffka, 25, has been announced for the line-up. (ITV)
Sharon Gaffka, 25, has been announced for the line-up. (ITV)

Sharon Gaffka was the first Islander announced for the line-up.

The 25-year-old from Oxford is a civil servant in the Department of Transport and is also a beauty queen, having won Miss International UK in 2018.

She's said she was motivated to take part as she's "the only single one" in her friendship group thanks to her friends settling down in lockdown.

When it comes to what she's looking for in a partner, she's said she tends to date people taller than her and as she's "quite an intellectual", she wants someone who can "kind of match that".

Aaron Francis

Aaron Francis is looking for a passionate partner. (ITV)
Aaron Francis is looking for a passionate partner. (ITV)

Aaron Francis is a 24-year-old luxury events host from London.

His line of work means he's often rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous and was even involved with Princess Beatrice's wedding last summer. But he says: "Unless you’re Beyonce, I’m not really interested."

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Francis is looking for a partner with passion, whatever it is they are doing.

"I don’t like when people are doing a job just to make money and then they kind of just live for the weekend. Especially because I work on the weekends," he said.

Liberty Poole

Liberty Poole wants a 'cheeky chappy'. (ITV)
Liberty Poole wants a change from a 'cheeky chappy'. (ITV)

Waitress and marketing student Liberty Poole is 21-years-old and from Birmingham.

She's described herself as a "social butterfly" and as well as dating she's looking forward to building bonds with the other girls.

While she may have gone for "tall, alpha male, confident" types in the past, this time she's hoping to try something new.

"That’s always usually combined with player types, which is where I go wrong. So I am trying to change my ways and go for more of a nicer guy that is going to treat me right," she shared.

Hugo Hammond

Hugo Hammond is getting back into the dating game. (ITV)
Hugo Hammond is getting back into the dating game. (ITV)

Also joining the cast of contestants for 2021 is PE teacher Hugo Hammond.

The 24-year-old is from Hampshire has been single for "a while now" and has struggled to get back intro dating due to the pandemic.

"I saw it as an opportunity to have an amazing fun summer and put myself back out there," he said of taking part in the programme.

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Alongside his teaching, he's also a cricket player.

"I’ve actually played cricket for England PD (Physical Disability). I’ve been to Bangladesh, Dubai, I’ve been everywhere to play cricket.

"I was born with clubfoot. I had lots of operations when I was a kid. You can only really tell when I walk barefoot. I’ve got a really short achilles heel. I walk slightly on my tip toes," he shared.

Shannon Singh

Shannon Singh is a former glamour model. (ITV)
Shannon Singh is a former glamour model. (ITV)

Model Shannon Singh could be making a splash on the show.

The 22-year-old from Fife is embracing Love Island as a "once in a lifetime opportunity" and hopes to meet "an exciting hunk".

Speaking about her job, she explained: "I used to be a glamour model when I was 18/19. I loved those days, I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, they were my glory days.

"Now I’m more on Instagram/ YouTube. I’ve done a bit of commercial modelling. I can DJ as well."

Singh says her partner must be handsome - but they need a personality too.

Jake Cornish

Jake Cornish's ideal woman is Billie Faiers. (ITV)
Jake Cornish's ideal woman is Billie Faiers. (ITV)

Also looking for love is Jake Cornish, a 24-year-old water engineer from Weston-super-Mare

He came out of a seven-year long relationship last year and wants to take this opportunity "by the horns".

As for his type on paper, he's said: "Looks wise, always gone for blondes. But for me, the main thing is having respect and having good fun, and someone who will be loyal to you. I’ve had messages from girls that have got boyfriends and husbands.

"This is why I don’t trust anyone. Someone who is loyal really. But when I’m single, I like having a good time!"

But his ideal woman is reality star Billie Faiers - who is, sadly for him, already taken.

Kaz Kamwi

Kaz Kamwi is ready for a relationship. (ITV)
Kaz Kamwi is ready for a relationship. (ITV)

Fashion blogger Kaz Kamwi is ready to find a relationship in the villa.

The 26-year-old, who hails from Essex, has said she's "fun, dramatic and spontaneous" and reckons "life is a party".

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When it comes to her worst dating disaster, Kamwi shared: "A guy asked me out for dinner and he was ‘mystery dining’ the restaurant.

"I will never get over the fact that he made me pay, while he got to eat for free and he made me sit there while he did his review."

Brad McClelland

Brad McClelland describes himself as 'laid back'. (ITV)
Brad McClelland describes himself as 'laid back'. (ITV)

Brad McClelland is a laid-back Labourer hoping to find love in the villa.

The 26-year-old from Northumberland has said former Love Island star Zara McDermott is one of his celebrity crushes, along with Megan Fox.

But will he be able to keep up the grafting? When it comes to how his colleagues would describe him, he said: "I try and make as much money as I can by doing as little as possible.

"They’d probably say – not lazy, as I’m energetic – I just try to get away with doing literally nothing."

Chloe Burrows

Chloe Burrows reckons she's got a good sense of humour. (ITV)
Chloe Burrows reckons she's got a good sense of humour. (ITV)

Gym bunny Chloe Burrows, 25, is looking for someone well-built to sweep her off her feet.

The financial services marketing executive from Bicester reckons friends and family would describe her as "funny".

"I always try and make everyone laugh. Outgoing, I’m quite bubbly and always doing something," she said.

She wants someone with the humour to match too, as long as they are "quite loud" like her and not a shrinking violet.

Toby Aromolaran

Toby Aromolaran says he's 'optimistic'. (ITV)
Toby Aromolaran says he's 'optimistic'. (ITV)

Semi-pro footballer Toby Aromolaran has never been in a relationship, but will he find himself in one this summer?

The 22-year-old is from Essex and plays for Hashtag United, which he describes as "very social media focused".

The "optimistic" sportsman might be able to roll with the ups and downs of the villa as he said: "I always see the bright side in the worst situations.

"I’m a fun guy when I go on a night out. Responsible guy as well."

Faye Winter

Faye Winter hopes to go back to work after the show. (ITV)
Faye Winter hopes to go back to work after the show. (ITV)

Lettings manager Faye Winter from Devon was motivated to sign-up by the lack of experiences on offer over the challenging past year during the pandemic.

The 26-year-old is passionate about her job, where her main role is the sales side of things.

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She's hoping to go back after the show as she shared: "I absolutely love it! I’ve actually only taken a sabbatical from work because in my ideal world, I’d love to go back to work. I try to make it as Selling Sunset as possible.

"I’m definitely there in the mini dresses, boobs out, bum out, turning up and you can see the wives say to their husband, 'You’re staying outside'. It’s so fun."

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