'Love Island' star Michael claims he didn't mean Joanna when he said he'd 'found what he was looking for'

Amy West
'Love Island' contestant Michael Griffiths has confessed he still has feelings for Amber Gill - but will she take him back?

'Love Island' star Michael Griffiths has claimed he wasn't necessarily talking about Joanna Chimonides when he said he'd “found what he's been looking for” in an earlier episode of the ITV2 dating series.

In a first look clip at tonight’s episode (18 July), the firefighter confesses to Amber Gill that he still has feelings for her - despite his insistence that he was still interested in Joanna after she was dumped from the villa on Monday night.

“I thought to myself, ‘Do you know what? I’m going to throw all my pride out the window and just tell you how I feel,’” he tells Amber in the promo. “Because I do still like you, and I’d hate it if I didn’t actually tell you and I left tomorrow.”

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Amber - who he ditched for Joanna while the former was staying at Casa Amor - was quick to quiz him though, recalling the time he called Joanna all that “he’s been looking for” when she was forced to leave the competition.

“Did you hear me say anything about any specific person?” asks Michael, insinuating that he was describing former flame Amber in that moment instead.

Amber looks shocked as Michael tries to backtrack on how he felt about Joanna Chimonides (ITV)

Later, Amber says she “can’t say how [she] feels because [she’s] still in that much shock” in the Beach Hut diary room.

Elsewhere in the clip, basketball player Ovie Soko can be seen defending Michael’s decision to try and get Amber back.

“I definitely want what’s best for her. But when you cause so much rift, you’re not listening to your heart; you’re saying, ‘Make this cool, and now I have to stick with it.’”

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Michael’s confession couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time, as the show revealed earlier today that there will be a recoupling tonight - where the female contestants pick which boy they want to couple up with. The remaining single guy will be dumped from the island.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.