'Love Island' accused of misogyny for treatment of female contestants Ekin-Su and Gemma Owen

Laura Whitmore
Laura Whitmore has joked about Ekin-Su's behaviour in Casa Amor on Love Island. (ITV)

Love Island has been hit by accusations of misogyny over its treatment of female contestants Ekin-Su Culculoglu and Gemma Owen.

Presenter Laura Whitmore and spin-off show Aftersun presenter Darren Harriott both joked about what happened between Culculoglu and George Tasker in bed in Casa Amor.

Culculoglu's representative who is controlling her social media account tweeted in response: "The fact that the slut shaming is being passed off as banter and good television is very concerning at this rate #LoveIsland "

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu also entered the villa in episode two. (ITV)
Ekin-Su Cuulcuuloglu represtnatives claim she is being slut-shamed on the show. (ITV)

Culculoglu is coupled with Davide Sanclimenti and they are one of the favourites to win the ITV dating show.

A video was shown of Culculoglu and Tasker in bed and she can be heard telling him “we’re just friends”.

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The following day she was told asking him not to repeat what had happened between them.

Whitmore tweeted about the incident: "Not everything makes the show as a lot to fit into an hour, but everything always comes out… ;)"

But some viewers objected to Whitmore, and comedian Harriott on panel show Aftersun making the alluded sexual encounter such a joke at Culculoglu's expense.

One said: "@LoveIsland how does @thewhitmore get to engage in character defamation of Ekin Su but it's all #bekind when it comes to her??? Not the self serving feminism facade... #aftersun"

Another tweeted: "Laura Whitmore encouraging the aftersun panel to speak about the Ekin and George situation yet we say one negative word about her presenting and it’s all bekind? End this show now. #loveisland #TALKSWITHASH"

Davide Sanclimenti - Love Island 2022. (ITV)
Ekin-Su is coupled with Davide Sanclimenti on Love Island. (ITV)

In the latest episode Culculoglu and Sanclimenti were made to watch a video of her and Tasker in bed together so he could confront her.

One viewer said: "Off to go write a ofcom complaint for every single one of ekin-su’s tears."

Another tweeted: "hmmmm so davide gets away with that behaviour ? the misogyny..... im complaining to ofcom bc this just enables incel behaviour."

Meanwhile, contestant Luca Bish was shown reacting angrily and aggressively to discovering his coupling – Michael Owen's daughter Gemma – had talked to another man at Casa Amor.

Luca Bish and Gemma Owen had their first date on Love Island this week. (ITV)
Luca Bish and Gemma Owen are coupled on Love Island. (ITV)

He was show telling the other male contestants: "F***ing muggy. I got made out to be like a f***ing prick.

“Just bring me a f***ing bird now. Trust me when I say, if she wants to play, I will f***ing explode.

“Mate, can’t be with someone like that. I’m sorry.”

Viewers complained about his reaction and many claimed to have filed complaints to broadcasting regulator Ofcom about the episode.

One said: "nah that’s it, im complaining to ofcom about luca #LoveIsland"

Love Island contestant Gemma Owen
Love Island contestant Gemma Owen in footballer Michael Owen's daughter. (ITV)

Another tweeted: "I'm complaining to ofcom about the girls mental health. This aint on, what are the providers incouraging this? @LoveIsland"

Viewer Katie shared her Ofcom complaint confirmation online, saying: "Anyways complaining to ofcom about both the main show and aftersun for the constantly f***ing vile way Ekin is being targeted and slutshamed, y’all better join #loveisland"

Kathy also shared her complaint confirmation on Twitter.

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Another Love Island fan shared: "Literally just put an ofcom complaint in about Luca. His behaviour is disgusting and also very worrying."

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