Love Island shakes up launch with girls dared to be truthful and bombshell entry

Love Island kept the new batch of contestants on their toes as it returned for its 10th series by revealing the first bombshell who will have the power to break up the freshly paired up couples.

Monday’s launch episode saw a number of dramatic twists, with the new islanders firstly left confused as the boys and girls arrived at the same time and the public had already voted for who they wanted to see coupled up initially.

Later in the evening as the new pairings were getting to know each other, the contestants were given another surprise as the girls were dared to reveal if they were unhappy with their partner – with two stepping forward.

Beautician Ruchee Gurung, 24, from Sutton, Surrey, and Jess Harding, 22, an aesthetics practitioner from London, were the first islanders to make their entrance, and were shocked when they were joined by gas engineer Mitchel Taylor, 26, from Sheffield.

Model Ella Thomas, 23, from Glasgow, and business owner Andre Furtado, 21, from Dudley but born in Portugal, were next in the villa.

The contestants’ confusion was eased by host Maya Jama, who broke the news: “None of you guys will be coupling up with each other as that decision has already been made by the public.”

Jess was the first to be matched up, with business development executive George Fensom, 24, from Bedford, who admitted he was “very happy” as she was his “type on paper”.

However, Jess later admitted she was more interested in “bad boy” types and said she was planning to get to know everyone initially.

There were also mixed feelings between communications manager Mehdi Edno, 26, from Bordeaux in France, after he was paired up with Ruchee.

Mehdi told her he “really liked her vibe and qualities” while Ruchee later admitted in the beach hut that he was not her type but said he was growing on her.

Musical theatre performer Molly Marsh, 21, from Doncaster, and Mitchel had more luck as they immediately seemed to hit it off, with them both confessing that they were each other’s top picks.

As they got to know each other in private, Mitchel did not hold back on the flirtation as he told her his type, saying: “I’m really picky, for starters the name has got to be Molly.”

Estate agent Catherine Agbaje, 22, from Dublin, and Andre also both revealed they were initially drawn to each other.

However, when semi-professional footballer Tyrique Hyde and Ella were first paired up, things got awkward at the beginning as she told him they had previously met on a night out in London, to which he said he did not remember her.

They later revisited the discussion in private where Tyrique said he did recall meeting her, putting his lack of recognition down to her hair now being a different colour.

Later in the evening, the islanders got honest with each other as they played a game of beer bong which saw them confess their true feelings.

Mitchel had to kiss the islanders he fancied the most which saw him pick his partner Molly as well as Jess and Ella.

Tyrique voted for Andre as his biggest competition while Molly picked Jess after the aesthetics practitioner kissed her partner Mitchel as she felt he was most likely “boyfriend material”.

Ruchee got honest as she did not choose her partner Mehdi when she had to kiss who she would most like to share a bed with, instead choosing Tyrique and Andre.

In the midst of the game, Jama dramatically entered to offer the girls the “ultimate dare” by allowing them to confess if they were not convinced about their partner.

Jess took the leap as she “didn’t feel there was a connection”, while Ruchee stepped forward as she did not feel attracted to Mehdi.

To further raise tensions, Jama announced a new bombshell would be joining them – personal trainer and basketball player Zachariah Noble, 25, from south-east London.

The host revealed: “Zachariah, in 24 hours the power will be in your hands.

“You’ll get to steal any one of these girls in front of you, not just the girls who have stepped forward. And that will leave one boy single and vulnerable.”

Ahead of going into the villa, when he was asked why someone should date him, he said: “I’d just shout out ‘What else do you need, babe?’ I’m pretty tall and I’m confident in myself. In this day and age I think being genuine is rare and I’m very genuine. What you see is what you get.”

The new series will see Jama present her first eight-week summer season after taking over from Laura Whitmore for the last winter series in South Africa.

Love Island continues on Tuesday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.