Love Island star storms off as Mimii and Omar twist impacts villa

Things got fiery on Love Island tonight (June 11) after Omar and Mimii's big decision.

Last night, the two singletons had revealed they'd decided to steal during the latest recoupling ceremony, leading to plenty of drama.

Tonight, we found out who the lucky two Islanders were. Mimii, who had been previously coupled with Munveer, was up first.

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Mimii chose to steal Ayo, explaining that she thought the pair had a good connection even though he had been exploring things with another Islander (who happened to be Uma).

Then it was Omar's turn, and he decided to steal the now-single Uma

After the decisions were revealed, Uma didn't seem too happy and went off for a chat with the other girls. She eventually said she was glad to be in a couple with Omar.

But the next day, things took a turn when Ayo confessed to Uma that he had kissed Mimii in bed last night, causing her to storm off.

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Uma was then seen crying in a confessional, saying no one was looking out for her the way she was looking out for Mimii and Ayo.

At nighttime, Uma was talking with Ronnie, and it looked as if Ayo was going to try to clear the air with her but decided against it.

Instead, Ayo asked Mimii to talk to him on the terrace, with Uma looking on.

On the terrace, Ayo and Mimii ended up cuddling and sharing a kiss, with the pair very much looking like they had a real connection.

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Later, Ayo finally had a talk with Uma. Uma told him he was "taking the piss," because he knew she was upset, and he should have cleared the air with her first before taking Mimii to the terrace.

Ayo said he was unclear how she felt about him, and Uma said she didn't want to be involved in a love triangle with him and Mimii.

The conversation ended with Ayo saying he'd continue to be honest with Uma, but he still didn't tell her about his terrace kiss with Mimii. The next dumping will be very interesting.

Love Island airs on ITV2 and streams on ITVX.

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