Love Island star's 'vape addiction' saw him rushed to hospital as family told he 'might not make it'

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images Europe)
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images Europe)

Love Island star Paul Danan has confessed his 'addiction to vapes' resulted in him being given CPR before being rushed to hospital. The former Hollyoaks actor's family were warned he 'might not make it through the night'.

The 45-year-old, who had suffered respiratory failure, he was 'lucky' to be alive after he collapsed last month. The soap star spent a week in intensive care, where he then contracted pneumonia.

He told The Sun on Sunday : "I’m upstairs puffing away on my vape then suddenly I lost my breath and collapsed. My family called for an ambulance and started giving me CPR, then police arrived and took over before paramedics took me to hospital."

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He continued: "I was on a machine in ICU and ended up with pneumonia. My family were warned I might not make it through the night. I’m so lucky.”

Paul said the doctor was "so harsh" with him and told him how "serious" his condition was. He continued: "She said if I ever smoke in any form again I risk being linked to an oxygen tank later on in life. She said that’s it now."

The actor, who starred in the original 2005 series of Celebrity Love Island, said after years of "smoking cigarettes and all sorts" it was "vaping which has done me in". He said he became "obsessed" with disposable vapes but was now "worried about the kids today", adding: "All you see is kids with vapes."