Love Island viewers 'fuming' at show bosses over Zara being dumped: 'Bring her back!'

Love Island fans are annoyed that Zara has been dumped. (ITV)
Love Island fans are annoyed that Zara has been dumped. (ITV)

Love Island's latest dumping was an unpopular decision with the show's fans, who are demanding Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown be brought back to the villa.

The 25-year-old model from London entered the ITV2 dating show as a bombshell contestant, but quickly became a fan favourite for her straight-talking attitude.

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Viewers saw islander Tom Clare change his mind between Lackenby-Brown and Olivia Hawkins a number of times, leaving people angry over his treatment of the women.

It prompted a bitter row between Lackenby-Brown and Hawkins, with viewers working out that the pair had known each other for years from their social media accounts.

Zara left the villa after being dumped. (ITV)
Zara left the villa after being dumped. (ITV)

During Wednesday's recoupling episode, Clare was left to choose between Ellie Spence and Lackenby-Brown – and chose Spence to stay, leaving fans outraged that their favourite was being sent home.

YouTuber Lewys Ball tweeted: "zara’s gone? we deserve a day off work tomorrow as national mourning like when the queen died"

Writer Jason Okundaye commented: "If there’s no twist I’m fuming at the producers setting Zara up to get dumped. No other islander has provided more entertainment this season"

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Another viewer wrote: "sorry WHERE IS SHE??? you’re telling me Zara is actually not coming back LIKE SHE’S GONE FR?"

Someone else added: "I'm actually fuming! Zara was the ONLY interesting person there. She gave us sassy, she gave us villain, she gave us energy!"

The recoupling ended in a shock exit. (ITV)
The recoupling ended in a shock exit. (ITV)

Clare had previously been shown reacting angrily to confrontation with Lackenby-Brown and had even confided in other contestants that he didn't like Spence - but told her her wanted to give her a chance to stay in the villa, even if she was with "someone else".

One annoyed viewer tweeted: "so tom got away with everything in the villa and the producers then gave him the opportunity to send zara home….."

Someone else wrote: "Damn they really let Zara get kicked out like this I’m disgusted"

Another viewer added: "i can’t believe zara’s going home after what she’s been through it’s UNFAIR"

Love Island Ellie Spence and Tom Clare. (ITV)
Tom Clare chose Ellie Spence to stay. (ITV)

Many viewers complained that the producers should not have allowed Lackenby-Brown to be dumped, and should find a way to bring her back.

One person tweeted: "love island producers count your days bc the whole villa should’ve been dumped before you dumped zara"

Someone else wrote: "Im sorry but if Producers could save girls like Maura and Anna from being dumped or bringing back bombshells like Adam 4 years later, then im pretty sure they wont find any difficulties in bringing back Zara. PRODUCERS DO WHATS RIGHT AND BRING HER BACK"

Another viewer commented: "Zara didn’t have a fair chance on this place at all man, they did her so wrong and her time hasn’t been pleasant :("

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.