Love Island viewers react to Casa Amor bombshells

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Love Island viewers react to Casa Amor bombshellsITV

Love Island spoilers follow.

It was the moment viewers have been waiting for as Love Island's iconic Casa Amor made its return.

Tonight's (June 30) episode saw the girls embark on a fun day out. For the Islanders, the text meant some time away from their partners, but viewers already knew what was on the cards.

"How do they not know it's time for casa #LoveIsland" wrote one fan on Twitter/X. "They don't even suspect it's casa? #LoveIsland" said another.

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The truth was finally revealed to the girls during their day out, as Uma received a text: "Girls, your night is only just getting started. Head to Casa Amor where six sexy new boys are waiting to meet you #girlsontour #whathappensincasastaysincasa"

While some of the girls celebrated, Nicole wasn't quite as excited. "I'm not cheersing to Casa. I don't want it!" she stated.

Back at the main Villa, the boys also received a text informing them that the girls would not be returning.

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Later, as the Casa Amor bombshells introduced themselves, viewers shared their opinions on the fresh faces.

"The Casa boys have more energy than the house boys this far #LoveIsland" one said. Another added: "I'm excited for some new faces and personalities #LoveIsland".

Meanwhile some fans were more interested in what the producers had planned, as they noticed the numbers didn't add up.

"Only 6 new girls and 6 new boys coming in for casa amor, and there is currently 7 of each. Who's coming back in from the OGs or what are the producers planning #loveisland" wrote one eagle-eyed fan.

As the new girls will soon be unleashed into the main Villa, will they bring any twists with them?

Love Island airs on ITV2 and streams on ITVX.

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