Love Island: Winners of £50,000 prize announced as 2023 series ends

After almost two months, Love Island series 10 has come to an end.

The new summer series began on Monday 5 June, with Maya Jama back on hosting duties after she made her debut on the winter edition earlier this year. Jama presented the finale live from the Spanish villa.

This year’s winners were Jess Harding and Sammy Root, who beat favourites Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nawacki to the £50,000 cash prize.

The runners up were Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde , who finished in third place, and Molly Marsh and Zach Noble, who came fourth.

Surprised by the news, Sammy told Jama he thought he’d be ejected from the show immediately after being introduced as a bombshell in week one. Harding was part of the original line-up.

The pair had their ups and downs in the villa, but cemented their relationship when Sammy asked Jess to be his girlfriend.

During their “declarations” aired during the finale, Sammy said the moment he knew Jess was the one for himw as when she remained loyal during her time in Casa Amor.

“When I saw you walking towards the fire pit on your own after Casa, I instantly knew that you were all that I wanted – my wandering eye turned into my eye for Jess,” he said.

During the finale, Jess brushed off concerns regarding the revelation that her friends are not so keen on Sammy.

Jama revealed at the end of the finale that the series would be returning, announcing the applications for the next instalment were already open.

‘Love Island’ winners Jess and Sammy (ITV)
‘Love Island’ winners Jess and Sammy (ITV)

Love Island viewers were also left surprised by the airing of a Big Brother trailer during the live finale, which debuted the forthcoming reboot’s brand new eye logo.

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Key Points

Monday 31 July 2023 20:59 , Jacob Stolworthy

Hello, and welcome to The Independent’s Love Island finale blog!

Monday 31 July 2023 21:01 , Jacob Stolworthy

Ty and Ella, Sammy and Jess, Molly and Zach, and Whitney and Lochan are all competing in this year’s finale, which, going by the viewing ratings for this year’s series, will be the lowest-viewed in years.

Monday 31 July 2023 21:02 , Jacob Stolworthy

One big hit this series has been Maya Jama – it’s her second series after hosting the winter edition earlier this year. It’ sfair to say, should the show be renewed for another series, Jama will be sticking around.

Monday 31 July 2023 21:07 , Jacob Stolworthy

We’re catching up with the islanders’ final day in the villa. Everyone is very happy so no fights or dramas, unfortunately. Instead, they’re getting “spruced up” for the Love Island ball.

Monday 31 July 2023 21:11 , Jacob Stolworthy

Judging by Twitter, there’s only one choice for tonight’s winners.

Monday 31 July 2023 21:28 , Jacob Stolworthy

We’re still on to yesterday’s events, and now we’re seeing each couple make their “declarations” to one another. The more cynical of viewer might want to change channels.

Monday 31 July 2023 22:00 , Jacob Stolworthy

Fourth place couple:

Molly and Zach


Monday 31 July 2023 22:05 , Jacob Stolworthy

Third place couple:

Ella and Tyrique


Monday 31 July 2023 22:15 , Jacob Stolworthy

Um, did Big Brother fans just spot this during the adverts?

Monday 31 July 2023 22:30 , Jacob Stolworthy

We’re moments away from finding out who has won this year’s series.

Monday 31 July 2023 22:33 , Jacob Stolworthy

Here we go – eight weeks down to this.

The winners of Love Island 2023 are:

Jess and Sammy


Monday 31 July 2023 22:48 , Jacob Stolworthy

Thanks for following along with our live blog – seeing as applications for yet another series are open, we’ll be seeing you the same time again next year