Love Island's Callum Jones confirms relationship status after Jess split

Love Island's Callum Jones has confirmed his relationship status after splitting from Jess Gale in March.

Callum and Jess appeared together on All Stars earlier this year, making it all the way to the final together.

However, their love didn't last on the outside, with Jess later sharing that the pair had stopped speaking after she found out "something" before a big event.

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Speaking to MailOnline, Callum said he was still single following the split, describing his dating life as "non-existent, really".

"I'm just enjoying myself at the minute," he added. "I'm just happy doing myself, I guess."

In April, Jess told MailOnline of their split: "Me and Callum are not speaking anymore. I've not said anything, well I haven't spoke to him in ages, actually.

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"I found out something prior to the event, which I addressed, and obviously it was a very public event with a lot of people there, so things got out.

"So we spoke at the event, but the breakup wasn't because of his behaviour at the event.

"It wasn't a blazing row, it was just a conversation. And from then onwards, we decided we aren't going to speak anymore," she added.

"I decided to break up because there was no way that could have happened after that. After that, we spoke a little bit, but it's definitely not a thing anymore. I am very happy to just draw the line with that anymore.

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"In the villa, obviously it was really good and then we tried to make it work on the outside, but it is really different."

Addressing Jess' comments, Callum said: "I did see that, the interview that she done, but I think there wasn't that much context behind the old situation.

"So I just addressed everything because I just wanted to put the story straight kind of thing."

Love Island airs on ITV2 and streams on ITVX.

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