Love Island's Tom Clare responds to trolls claiming he's 'jealous'

Love Island: All Stars winner Tom Clare has addressed claims he's "jealous" of Casey O'Gorman getting friendly with Callum Jones.

For context, Tom is currently dating fellow Islander, and Callum's ex-girlfriend, Molly Smith, leading social media trolls to suggest Callum has nicked Tom's best mate in an act of retaliation.

Asked by The Sun about the pair's blossoming bromance, Tom replied: "Callum's not stolen my mate, me and Casey are always going to be best mates.

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"My plan was always to move back up north because of my family and friends and football and [it] just so happens that I met Molly, who was up here, which is a bonus for me.

"I'm seeing Casey tomorrow, we talk everyday, I always ring him, he always rings me," he added. "And there is no awkwardness with me and Callum at all, we get on."

Casey and Callum have reportedly been hanging out a lot recently, and even hit the Las Vegas strip together.

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In other news, Tom's partner Molly told the same publication all about their domestic dynamic earlier this month.

"He stayed quite often. Then slowly, there was extra stuff there and a drawer being filled. Then it was hanging a few clothes in the wardrobe and it was like: 'Oh, we are kinda living together, so should you actually move in?'" she revealed.

Molly said Tom is "so tidy" and will often empty the dishwater, do the washing and hoover.

It's going so well between them that they "talk about kids" too, which Molly said "is really nice because I’ve not had that before in relationships".

Love Island airs on ITV2 and streams on ITVX.

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