Love Island’s Yewande Biala: I have nothing to say to Danny Williams

Yewande Biala leaves Ella Canta restaurant in London.
Yewande Biala leaves Ella Canta restaurant in London.

Yewande Biala, one of this year’s Love Island contestants, believes Danny William’s need for affection was the reason they didn’t work out as a couple in the villa.

And she revealed her last-ditch attempt to show affection for Danny ultimately backfired on her.

“He [Danny] was like you need to show more affection,” she told White Wine Question Time podcast host Kate Thornton. “It’s not me naturally to be really touchy-feely, but I was like, OK, I'm really going to do this,”

“I’d seen him talking to Arabella and I was like, ‘Well I'm here to show more affection. I'm going to walk up there and I'm just going to sit on his lap. I'm just going to make sure that she [Arabella] knows that we're good’.”

With hindsight, Yewande believes her attempt to be affectionate actually pushed her rival into Danny’s arms.

“She wasn't happy,” she explained about Arabella. “And I felt like it made her kind of speed the process up of stealing my man. She was like, ‘No, this isn't going to work. I have to talk to him today and tell him how I feel’.”

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The scientist also said her and Danny’s difficulties were down to the fact that they spoke different ‘love languages’.

“There's like five different love languages and Danny's love languages were words of affirmation and physical touch,” she explained on the podcast. “I'm gifts or services. I'd rather show you that I like you by making the bed or if he said his favourite snack was this, I’d pick it up from the shop.”

“I found it really weird in the villa that people would sit down on day beds and hold hands and I didn't think that was normal.”

Yewande also told Kate that she and Danny had seen each other for the first time recently.

“It was weird because he kept glancing over and I didn't know whether he wanted to have a conversation,” she revealed to Kate and fellow podcast guest, Malin Andersson. “I was like we have nothing to talk about.”

From left: Yewande Biala, Kate Thornton, Malin Andersson at Yahoo UK studios
From left: Yewande Biala, Kate Thornton, Malin Andersson at Yahoo UK studios

Asked by Kate if she and Danny could ever form a friendship, Yewande laughed saying “There's just nothing. Do you know what I mean? And I just don't think we can be friends.”

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