'We Love Mark Menzies' graffiti appears on Fylde Coast road - and locals have mixed reactions

The sign in Ansdell
The sign in Ansdell -Credit:Matt Naylor c/o Lytham St Annes News

A tongue-in-cheek sign declaring love for a local MP has been spotted on a Fylde Coast road.

Spotted outside a house in Ansdell, between the seaside towns of Lytham and St Annes, a fence has been painted black with white writing reading: 'We Love Mark Menzies - The Bad People'.

The signature refers to a scandal which saw Menzies, who has been serving the constituency of Fylde since 2010, leave the Conservative Party. He quit on April 21 amid accusations he had misused campaign funds.


An investigation by The Times claimed the MP made a late-night call to a 78-year-old aide asking for help because he had been locked up by "bad people" who demanded thousands of pounds for his release. The MP disputed this, but Menzies was subsequently stripped of his Tory whip whilst an investigation is underway.

The reception to the sign has been mixed in Menzies' constituency. Posted by Lytham St Annes News on Facebook, one person commented: "Bullying pure and simple. Hope he doesn’t do anything drastic. We don’t know the full story and once again the lynch mob is out in full force. You should all be ashamed of yourselves."

However, another wrote: "Stupid waste of time and money." A third stated: "It's their garden so can put what they like in it if you don't like it don't look."

Others simply commented: "Genius" and "Awesome".