'A love story in hell': Two migrants find romance during Libya detention ordeal

Muhamad, a 25-year-old Somali migrant, fled terror in his country in a bid to reach Europe. He arrived in Libya in 2017 and was abducted by human traffickers. Tortured, insulted and harassed for several months, Muhamad met the love of his life, Amina, in a secret prison in Libya. The hellish conditions of their detention did not prevent them from beginning their love story and fighting for survival. The young couple finally managed to escape and are now in Europe. Muhamad told his story to InfoMigrants journalist Kinda Youssef, with animation by FRANCE 24's Adel Gastel.

This special animated documentary also examines the situation of thousands of migrants who are still being illegally detained in Libya, in inhumane conditions regularly denounced by the UN and human rights groups.

A documentary by FRANCE 24 journalist Adel Gastel and Kinda Youssef with the InfoMigrants team.

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