Lukas Gage’s Mom “Loved” His Raunchy ‘White Lotus’ Scene

Lukas Gage’s mom didn’t mind sitting through watching her son’s sex scene in White Lotus. In fact, she actually had some positive feedback.

While appearing on Live With Kelly and Mark on Friday, Gage was asked by Mark Consuelos what his mom thought about the raunchy scene, involving an intimate moment with Murray Bartlett’s character, from the first season of Mike White’s hit series.

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“She loved it,” said Gage. “She didn’t care. She was like, ‘Go for it!’ My mom is really cool and understanding about that kind of thing.”

Gage continued, “She says I have the cutest butt in Hollywood, too.”

Elsewhere in their chat, Kelly Ripa said that in 2021, Gage crashed Paris Hilton’s nuptials. Gage clarified, “It was an accidental wedding crash. I did not know it was Paris Hilton’s wedding.”

“So I show up in like a T-shirt to her wedding and I just walk in, I’m the only person who’s not in a suit. Nobody told me!,” he continued. Gage then noted that he was invited by friends to go to her wedding’s afterparty without being told details of the event.

“I was mortified [but] luckily we became friends after your friend Andy [Cohen], he outed me on Watch What Happens Live to her,” said Gage. “She called me the day [after appearing on the Bravo show] and said, ‘You crashed my wedding? How did I not see you there?” He shared that Hilton, who appeared to be a fan of his work, then invited him over to her home.

Since his role in The White Lotus, Gage has kept busy. He has a supporting role alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in Doug Liman’s remake of Road House and stars in The Smile‘s upcoming sequel.

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