Luke Bryan Hilariously Narrates Katy Perry's Pre-Show Makeup Routine: 'Cementing Her Bangline'

“She’s doing that weird baby doll eye thing,” Bryan said while the “Fireworks” singer had her eye makeup done

KATY PERRY/Instagram Katy Perry
KATY PERRY/Instagram Katy Perry

Katy Perry gave fans a behind-the-scenes peek of her pre-show makeup routine — and she brought in pal and fellow American Idol judge Luke Bryan to narrate.

The "I Kissed a Girl" singer shared a video on Instagram revealing her makeup routine ahead of American Idol's "Road to the Finale" episode that aired Monday night.

For the video, Perry enlisted Bryan to give his best effort narrating what he saw — and the results were laugh-out-loud funny.

"All right, it's Luke," he began his narration, "and Katy is getting jabbed in the neck." (In actuality, Perry's makeup artists were applying powder with a short-haired brush on her neck and face.)

"Obviously she can't stop talking," Bryan hilariously added.

Perry then had her eye makeup applied and began opening and closing one eye. "She's doing that weird baby doll eye thing … robot ... all the while she's getting some dust put around her eyes," the "I Don't Want This Night to End" singer deadpanned.

He continued his narration as Perry's hair stylist got to work. "She's getting pins in her hair… additional hair to the hair," the country crooner said.

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Bryan seemed confused as he continued describing what he saw. "Now she's getting her fingers massaged," he said. "They did a lot of combing and now her hair is up."

The video then showed Perry applying mascara and her makeup artists adding more powder.

"Now she's staring at herself doing what they already did, and adding some paint color to the front part of her brains," Bryan said. "Now she's clipping her existing eyelids and now they are cementing her bangline down," he added.

"And she's done," he said at the end of the clip.

Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images Katy Perry
Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images Katy Perry

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On Sunday night, Perry showed off her superpowers when she made a grand entrance to the American Idol stage for its annual Disney night episode as Elastigirl from The Incredibles.

Speaking to PEOPLE in a group interview after the show, she opened up about why she chose the super mom as her costume for this year's episode, which aired on Mother's Day.

"She's a super mom. She plays both roles so incredibly well. She juggles a lot. She's just incredible," Perry, 38, said.

In many ways, the singer-songwriter connects with the fictional character — considering she too juggles many jobs.

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"It's so funny. I feel like my day was similar to that in some ways, like this morning. Well, I played a show on Friday [then] played a show on Saturday. I got in at about 2 a.m. from Las Vegas," the "Dark Horse" singer said. "I woke up, I had brunch in my pajamas, got some framed pictures and flowers and it was just — I got to be with my daughter and Orlando and his son and some other family members."

She added, "[I was] in my pajamas, enjoying all the love I got for being a mom and then I get in the car and I'm coming here and I put on a whole latex suit. Then I'm like, commenting on people's future lives. I just played these two roles in one day. It was so wild."

Perry shares daughter Daisy Dove, 2, with fiancé Orlando Bloom.

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