Luther creator announces new thriller and confirms lead cast

niamh algar
Luther creator announces cast for new thrillerKarwai Tang - Getty Images

Luther creator Neil Cross has announced new series Iris, which will star Niamh Algar and Tom Hollander.

The writer behind the hit BBC crime drama has now penned a new eight-part Sky Original thriller, which is set to start filming in Sardinia, Italy this month.

In what is described as a "sun-drenched chase thriller", Mary & George and Malpractice star Algar will play "rootless and enigmatic genius" Iris Nixon, who spends her evenings solving riddles on internet forums to unwind from her day job moderating harmful content on a social media platform.

niamh algar
Karwai Tang - Getty Images

Iris comes across a mysterious thread with a secretive code to be cracked, which leads her to "charming philanthropist" Cameron McIntyre, played by The White Lotus star Hollander.

Iris realises she has unlocked a dangerous and powerful piece of technology and is suspicious of Cameron. So she decides to steal the code from him, then disappears.

The synopsis for Iris reads: "Ever resourceful and intending to lay low, Iris reinvents herself as Ms Brooks, a tutor to Joy, the daughter of a wealthy family on the Sardinian coast.

"As the cyber-speculation as to Iris' whereabouts intensifies and Cameron's net closes in, her lethal intelligence and chameleonic charm may for once not be enough to stop her from being drawn into an increasingly deadly game of hide and seek."

tom hollander
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Alongside Algar and Hollander, the cast of Iris also includes Doctor Who's Sacha Dhawan and Poldark's Peter Sullivan as well as Maya Sansa, Meréana Tomlinson and Debi Mazar.

For this new project, Cross is teaming up with director Terry McDonough, who has directed episodes of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and Killing Eve. McDonough is the series' lead director, and is also part of the show's five-strong team of executive producers.

In a statement, Cross said: "All I wanted to do was to make a show I wanted to watch. Iris is an unapologetically exciting, witty, chase-driven adventure show and features a lead character the like of which I don’t think we’ve ever met before on TV.

"With Niamh Algar and Tom Hollander bringing these complex characters to life, coupled with Terry McDonough's direction, I couldn’t be more excited to share this world and these characters."

Iris will be available on Sky and streaming service NOW in the UK and Ireland. Filming starts this month in Sardinia.

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