Luxury £288million superyacht leaves Ayrshire locals amazed as it docks in harbour

The vessel is an incredible 400m long
The vessel is an incredible 400m long -Credit:Mark McInnes

A superyacht worth over a quarter-of-a-million has left locals stunned after docking in an Ayrshire harbour.

The luxury 400-feet-long vessel named Kismet was spotted in Troon over the weekend. The impressive boat features eight cabins, several pools, a cinema and even a seven-star rated spa including a sauna and a cryotherapy chamber.

The ship also features a helipad for A-listers to land their private helicopters on. Forbes magazine reports that the Kismet is due to set sail on its maiden voyage to the Mediterranean, with the ship able to be chartered for a cool £2.5million ($3million).

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The Record reports that it has anchored itself in the South Ayrshire Riviera, with locals left in awe. Keen kayaker Mark McInnes was out with his girlfriend Dawn, when the pair rowed out for a closer look at the impressive sea-voyager, but joked he never managed to nab an invite on board.

Mark, 40, told the Record: "We were out kayaking and we decided to paddle into the harbour and have a look. It's an absolutely stunning looking boat, we even saw them abseiling off the side to clean it. No invite to come aboard though sadly."

Kayaker Mark McInnes got up close to Kesimet
Kayaker Mark McInnes got up close to Kesimet -Credit:Mark McInnes

Another Troon man, Mark Winter, decided to capture the Kismet at night, with the stunning vessel lighting up the water.

Mark, who has a boat at the marina, was heading back from a night on the water taking in the sunset with pals when he got some moonlit snaps.

Mark, 47, said: "It’s only when you are next to it you appreciate the sheer scale of it. I didn’t see any movement whatsoever which was a bit odd as every single light was turned on.

"Was wondering whether or not they have a cable connecting the electricity to the shore. I certainly didn't see one."

The superyacht has stunned locals in Troon
The boat is available to charter

Mark admits there he has seen some classy superyachts pulling up in Troon over the years, but this one stole the show.

He added: "This is 100 per cent the most impressive one I've seen down here. There has been some big yachts and superyachts but this takes the biscuit."

The superyacht is reportedly owned by US billionaire Shahid Khan, who is the owner of English Premier League club Fulham FC and NFL team the Jacksonville Jaguars, is reportedly worth around $300m (£288m)

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