I’m a Celebrity final – live: Nigel Farage, Tony Bellew and Sam Thompson face off to become 2023 winner

The grand final of I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! is here, with Nigel Farage, Tony Bellew and Sam Thompson battling it out to be crowned King of the Jungle.

Saturday’s semi-final sawThis Morning’s Josie Gibson depart the camp, leaving ex-boxer Bellew, Made in Chelsea star Thompson and former Ukip politician Farage in the final three.

Farage’s involvement in the series has caused considerable controversy for the ITV reality series, with critics accusing the 59-year-old of having incited xenophobia with his vocal anti-immigration views.

Throughout his time in the jungle, Farage clashed with a number of his fellow campmates, including Thompson and YouTube star Nella Rose, and commentators have attributed a dip in I’m a Celebrity viewership during its launch to the “Farage effect:.

Gibson’s elimination comes after the exits of JLS singer Marvin Humes and ex-EastEnders star Danielle Harold, who finished in fifth and sixth place. Grace Dent’s and Jamie Lynn Spears meanwhile both independently quit the show last week for medical reasons.

With Bellew having previously dropped into the bottom two, Thompson and Farage are considered the favourites to take home the crown.

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! final airs on Sunday 10 December at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

I’m a Celeb

  • All of the contestants who’ve already left the jungle

  • How much money does the winner take home?

  • Every I’m a Celeb winner and what they did next

  • Nigel Farage’s team defend using ‘fake images’ to win votes

  • All of the contestants who have quit the jungle early – and the unusual reasons why

Fans are getting emotional over Sam and Tony’s heart-to-heart

23:30 , Ellie Muir

Both Sam and Tony shared their praise for each other before the results were announced. Sam said that he had found a lifelong friend in Tony, who he praised as kind and loving.

Tony replied: “Everything he just said – he is more.”

Thank you for watching along with us!

23:26 , Ellie Muir

But the fun doesn’t stop there. We will be recapping the big moments from the series and updating you on fan reactions. Stay tuned!

The moment Sam reunites with his podcast co-host Pete Wicks and nearly break the bridge

23:15 , Ellie Muir

That’s one shaky bridge....

Sam’s best moments in the jungle

23:00 , Ellie Muir

From his blossoming friendship with Tony Bellew to his fanboy moments over JLS’s Marvin Humes – read on to find out Sam’s best bits.

I’m a Celebrity crowns winner for 2023

King Sam: Twitter/X has spoken....

22:52 , Ellie Muir

The moment Sam is crowned the King of the Jungle

22:51 , Ellie Muir

That was a well deserved win!

22:41 , Ellie Muir

Sam has been obsessed with I’m a Celebrity... for years, and he was so pleased to even be in the jungle, let alone make it to the final.

Plus, his friendship with Tony is quite sweet.

Sam’s our winner!

22:32 , Ellie Muir

Well done Sam. Of course we saw that coming!

Fred says that Sam brought ‘non-stop entertainment’ to camp

22:31 , Ellie Muir

All of this year’s campmates are now in the studio!

Nella says that Tony is the most ‘stand-up guy’ she’s ever met in her life

22:30 , Ellie Muir

Meanwhile, Marvin said that Tony has a “massive caring heart”. Josie said Tony restored her “faith in men” again.

Tony says that Sam is already invited for Christmas

22:24 , Ellie Muir

The support for Sam Thompson is flooding in....

22:20 , Ellie Muir

Sam Thompson and his JLS adventures

22:18 , Ellie Muir

Sam has a great energy

22:18 , Ellie Muir

He’s just happy to be here.

There are 15 minutes left to vote!

22:12 , Ellie Muir

Just two celebrities are left to battle it out to become King of the Jungle.

The final feast...

22:06 , Ellie Muir

Sam’s special treat: Salt and Vinegar crisps

Nigel’s gone. Let’s see who is in second place

22:03 , Ellie Muir

Nigel says he didn’t start any political conversations whatsoever...

22:01 , Ellie Muir

Apart from that time he brought up that Brexit banner...

Nigel says he would ‘do it all over again’....

21:58 , Ellie Muir

I give it three years...

Voting has reopened!

21:54 , Ellie Muir

Will it be Sam or Tony? You can vote via the I’m a Celeb app.

Third place: It’s Nigel Farage

21:49 , Ellie Muir

He’s out of the running. It’s now between Sam and Tony.

It looks like Sam Thompson is the favourite...

21:45 , Ellie Muir

Can the Made In Chelsea star secure enough votes to be the King of the Jungle?

Voting is currently frozen but will be reopened shortly

21:43 , Ellie Muir

Hold tight...

All three finalists completed their last ever Bushtucker Trials

21:38 , Ellie Muir

A pit of snakes looked a lot easier in comparison to Tony and Sam’s trials, though. Nigel had it easy there.

Okay... now Nigel’s in the darkness

21:36 , Ellie Muir

I take my previous comments back. This looks frightening.

There’s a snake slithering all over Nigel Farage’s body...

21:35 , Ellie Muir

This challenge seems a bit easier than Sam and Tony’s, though?

Nigel looks like he’s at the spa, not in a bunker full of snakes.

Nigel goes into the ‘panic pit’

21:32 , Ellie Muir

But he will have lots of company…. lots of snakes!

Sam’s had the camel’s toe. Now it’s time for the camel’s penis

21:30 , Ellie Muir

Sam’s doing very well...

Sam eats a pig’s vagina...

21:29 , Ellie Muir

Now we’ve truly seen it all. This is quite a horrifying watch!

Tony Bellew endures mounds of creepy crawlies in final I’m A Celeb Bushtucker Trial

21:28 , Ellie Muir

Sam has to eat a camel’s toe!

21:26 , Ellie Muir

It looks so tough but Sam bit into it and groaned as he chewed it. Yuck.

Sam was served a witchetty grub

21:25 , Ellie Muir

Plus five cockroaches...

Sam takes on the 'Bushtucker Bonanza’

21:20 , Ellie Muir

It’s an eating trial...

I’m guessing that some sort of pig’s penis or camel’s testicle will be on the menu.

Tony tells his wife ‘fifth child is off the cards'

21:19 , Ellie Muir

“That crab has just given me the snip.” No words.

This might be the most revolting challenge I’ve ever watched

21:16 , Ellie Muir

Now he has scorpions and spiders on his face. I can’t watch....

This is truly like something out of a horror film!

21:15 , Ellie Muir

He has cockroaches, fish guts and crabs crawling all over him.

Tony says ‘I’m the meal’ as he realises insects are biting him!

21:13 , Ellie Muir

Meanwhile, fish guts are being poured all over him. Lovely.

Tony takes on the 'Steakout’

21:12 , Ellie Muir

Tony will be strapped down to the giant plate and must stay on it and endure the jungle critters that will surround him. For every two minutes he manages to stay on the plate, that’s a star up for grabs. Yikes!

But the fun ends there: It’s Bushtucker Trial time!

21:11 , Ellie Muir

Tony’s up first...

The finalists react to being in the remaining three

21:11 , Ellie Muir

Sam in the Bush Telegraph cheered: “I’m a finalist on I’m A Celeb. I just don’t understand it. I feel like a cockroach - you know when they just survive? I don’t know what to say. I’m so happy.”

Bless him!

Here we go....

21:03 , Ellie Muir

Tonight, there will be tough Bushtucker Trials, heated moments and of course... the crowning moment: Who will be the ‘King of the Jungle’?

Hello! Just 10 minutes until tonight’s final kicks off...

20:50 , Ellie Muir

Sam and Nigel seem to be fan-favourites, but could Team Tony come through?

Marvin opens up about whether he had a secret signal with his wife Rochelle

20:16 , Ellie Muir

Marvin Humes has told I’m a Celebrity... viewers about whether he and his wife Rochelle had a secret signal while he was on the show.

Recap: What happened on last night’s episode?

19:30 , Ellie Muir

The contestants took on the Celebrity Cyclone challenge, in which they were pelted with water jets and huge bouncy balls as they tried to collect golden stars.

At the end of the episode, campmates said their goodbyes to This Morning’s Josie Gibson who was voted off by the public, leaving Nigel Farage, Tony Bellew and Sam Thompson to battle it out for the “King of the Jungle” title.

Josie Gibson reunited with her son Reggie after leaving jungle

19:03 , Ellie Muir

All of the contestants who have quit the jungle early – and the unusual reasons why

17:13 , Ellie Muir

Let’s take a look back at all of the stars, from throughout the ITV reality juggernaut’s history, who have left the camp early and why, from serious accidents to drug-related incidents.

All the I’m a Celeb contestants who have quit the jungle early – and for odd reasons

I’m a Celebrity star Nigel Farage’s team defend using ‘fake images’ to win votes

17:03 , Ellie Muir

Nigel Farage’s online representatives have hit back against criticism for using doctored images to campaign for his victory on I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here.

The controversial right-wing politician, 59, is one of just four competitors remaining on the latest season of the hit ITV reality series, alongside Josie Gibson, Tony Bellew, and Sam Thompson.

In the run-up to the final this weekend, Farage’s social media team shared a number of photoshopped pictures, featuring “Vote Nigel” advertisements transplanted onto famous British locations.

Read more below:

I’m a Celebrity star Nigel Farage’s team defend using ‘fake images’ to win votes

Who won I’m a Celeb last year? Every winner and what they did next

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I’m a Celebrity... has been running since 2002. There’s been a lot of winners since then. But who are they, and where are they now?

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Every I’m a Celebrity winner and what they did next

How much money does the winner take home?

16:59 , Ellie Muir

With the series coming to an end tonight, many viewers have been left wondering what the prize for winning the series is.

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I’m a Celebrity 2023 prize money: How much are contestants paid?

16:13 , Louis Chilton

He might not be the favourite, but Tony Bellew has his supporters cheering him on tonight...

14:58 , Louis Chilton

A look back at the series, including all the contestants who’ve already departed the jungle.

How far we’ve come...

Meet the I’m a Celebrity 2023 contestants

14:26 , Louis Chilton

Hello! Just a few hours to go until the final begins... here’s a recap of what happened last night

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