‘I’m doing alright’: Hairy Bikers’ star Dave Myers shares health update

Dave Myers has given a health update amid his cancer battle.

The Hairy Bikers star said he is "kinda doing alright" during a BBC Breakfast appearance this week.

Stating that his treatment is still ongoing, the 65-year-old chef stated that having cancer is "something one learns to live with".

He added: "[The treatment] is still ongoing but I’m kinda doing all right, it’s like many people, it’s something one learns to live with."

Myers, who was discussing his new show The Hairy Bikers Go Local which aired on BBC Two last night, announced back in May 2022 that he was undergoing cancer treatment.

Si King, left, and Dave Myers star in new show The Hairy Bikers Go Local on BBC Two (PA)
Si King, left, and Dave Myers star in new show The Hairy Bikers Go Local on BBC Two (PA)

He also revealed then that he would be a "baldy Biker" for a while due to the side effects of chemotherapy.

Last month he said he was just thrilled that he’s "still breathing".

Appearing on the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen alongside Si King ahead of Christmas, he told cheering studio guests: “This is the first time out. I’m over the moon, I’m still breathing.”

In October, King had shared an update with fans while Myers was undergoing chemotherapy.

He said: "It’s going really well, he’s still in the trenches of his chemo and his treatment but all the numbers are going well and he’s stronger by the day and more positive by the day so he’s doing well.

He joked: "He’s a tough old boot you know, he’s from Barrow in Furness — he’s not going to give up easy! He certainly isn’t, and he’s doing great."

The duo’s new TV series, which sees them explore the UK’s culinary spots, was filmed prior to Myers’ diagnosis.