M&S issues 'return' warning over four chicken products as customers told 'do not eat'

A customer is seen at the British multinational retailer Marks & Spencer
Marks and Spencer is asking customers to return certain food products -Credit:Budrul Chukrut/LightRocket via Getty Images

Marks and Spencer has issued a recall alert to all shoppers, advising them to return certain chicken products sold in stores.

The retailer has identified four specific chicken items that should not be consumed due to health and safety concerns. While the supermarket has not detailed the exact reason for recalling four of its poultry food products, it has apologised to customers who return impacted items will be issued a full refund.

These recalled foods include the 4 Roast Chicken Fillets 480g with use by dates of March 21, 2024, March 22, 2024, March 23, 2024, and March 27, 2024, and barcode 00255110, the Mirror reports. Secondly, the 'Just add' British Roast Chicken Slices 120g with use by dates of March 22, 2024, March 24, 2024, March 25, 2024, March 26, 2024, and March 27, 2024, and barcode 00322027.

Also on the list are the Roast Turkey Slices 120g with use by dates of March 23, 2024, March 25, 2024, and March 26, 2024, and barcode 00383455; and the Roast Chicken Slices 130g with use by dates of March 22, 2024, March 23, 2024, March 24, 2024, and March 25, 2024, and barcode 00343299.

M&S said: "Customer safety is of paramount importance to Marks and Spencer and we take all issues regarding the production of our foods extremely seriously. M&S is taking the precautionary action of highlighting that four fresh cooked poultry products that are past their use by date, but may be in customers' freezers, should be returned to store."

It added: "Only the date codes shown below are potentially impacted. No products currently on sale are affected. Any customers in possession of these products in their freezer, please do not consume.

"Return it to your nearest store where a full refund will be given."

Moreover, the store, which has branches all over Scotland, extended an apology. It also added: "We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused. For more information contact us on 0333 014 8555."

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