‘I’m Lucky To Be Here’: Gordon Ramsay Opens Up About Bike Accident And Shows Off Massive Bruise In Video

 Gordon Ramsay eating fish.
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Gordon Ramsey’s known for dishing out tips on cooking but, more recently, the famed chef and TV personality dished out some wisdom on another topic entirely. Unfortunately, the 57-year-old revealed that he was in a bike accident this past week, which required that he go to the hospital. Ramsay is, thankfully, doing ok at this point and, when opening up about the ordeal in a video, he shared a vital piece of safety advice for anyone else who enjoys cycling. And, if his comments don’t sway you, then the massive bruise he showed off in the clip will surely sway you.

The British star took to his Instagram account on Saturday to discuss the unfortunate situation that befell him this past week. Not only did the post include a video message and a few photos, but it also included a lengthy caption. The chef and businessman, who has six kids, framed his comments as a Father’s Day message. While laying out the situation, he also shared his piece of advice, which he emphasized in all caps:

With #FathersDay tomorrow, I have [a] very important message for all the dads out there…WEAR A HELMET ! This week, I had a really bad accident while riding my bike in Connecticut. I’m doing ok and did not break any bones or suffer any major injuries but I am a bit bruised up looking like a purple potato. I’m thankful for all the doctors, nurses and staff at Lawerence + Memorial Hospital in New London who looked after me and checked me out, but most thankful for my helmet that saved my life. Have a great Father’s Day, and be safe Gx

In the video attached to the post, Gordon Ramsey admitted that the accident “shook” him. Adding further validity to that notion was the fact that his hand was shaking when he explained what happened. The two photos Ramsey shared display what he looked like before the mishap and how his helmet appeared afterwards. What really catches the eye, though, is the giant bruise on the side of Ramsey’s body. Take a look:

That may be the biggest bruise I’ve ever seen and, based on how serious it looks, that had to have been some accident. With that, it’s not hard to understand at all why the Hell’s Kitchen star would feel as though he’s “lucky to be here.” I think I speak for plenty of people when I say that I’m glad he’s still with us and is mostly doing fine. We’d also be wise to listen to his plea to wear a helmet whenever we’re riding bikes ourselves.

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Some other notable stars have actually suffered injuries in cycling-related calamities over the past few years. Simon Cowell broke his back in 2020 due to an E-bike accident and swiftly underwent surgery. And, in 2022, Cowell had a second E-bike ordeal, which left him with a broken arm and several other injuries. Just this past May, actress Nina Dobrev had a harrowing accident involving a dirt bike. Weeks after Dobrev received well wishes from Vampire Diaries alums, Sarah Michelle Gellar and more, she discussed the situation while on The Talk (via YouTube). As she explained, she “lost control” of the bike and as a result of the accident, had to have knee surgery and have repairs done to her ACL and meniscus.

Gorgon Ramsay has proven to be quite daring in his time, even once fleeing from a hippo on his show, Uncharted. If Ramsay’s video message tells us anything, it’s that he’s definitely learned from his experience. Let’s just hope that he remains safe if or when he decides to get back on a bike again.

You can catch the celebrity chef on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars, which airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox as part of the 2024 TV schedule. You can also stream episodes using a Hulu subscription.